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 imageartist/title (release year), memo
 Talking Heads:77Talking Heads/Talking Heads:77 (1977)

One of the New York punks. 1st album. Semi-funky rhythms and catchy melodies. Includes "Psycho Killer".
 Fear of MusicTalking Heads/Fear of Music (1979)

The 3rd album. Melodic new wave sounds with African beat. Co-produced by Brian Eno. Robert Fripp (guitar) joined. Includes the great song 'Heaven'.
 Remain in LightTalking Heads/Remain in Light (1980)

Funky Afro-beat. 4th album. Co-produced by Brian Eno.
 Little CreaturesTalking Heads/Little Creatures (1985)

Relaxed and restrained in moderation. Includes "The Lady Don't Mind" and "Road to Nowhere".
 Natural History: The Very Best of Talk TalkTalk Talk/Natural History: The Very Best of Talk Talk (1982-1990)

The British new wave band led by Mark Hollis (vocals, keyboards) and formed in London, England in 1981. In their early days, they had a modern synth pop sound with melancholy melodies, influenced by David Bowie and Roxy Music, like New Romantic, but later they changed their style to acoustic and experimental one with elements of jazz, classical, and ambient. A best compilation that mainly consists of the singles from the first four albums. Features "Today", "Talk Talk", "It's My Life", "Such a Shame", "Dum Dum Girl", "Life's What You Make It" and "Living in Another World". An example of the bridges between the 1980s new wave/post-punk and the 1990s post-rock.
 RubyconTangerine Dream/Rubycon (1975)

The German electronic music group formed by Edgar Froese in Berlin in 1967, Tangerine Dream's 1975 album. Released on the Virgin Records, UK. Ambient/minimal electronic music with mellotron, moog synthesizer and prepared piano. Includes two long instrumental tracks, 'Rubycon' Part One and Part Two. #12 on the UK album charts.
 200 km/h in the Wrong Lanet.A.T.u./200 km/h in the Wrong Lane (2002)

The girl pop duo from Russia. Formed in Moscow in 1999 by the two girls, Lena Katina (vocals) and Julia Volkova (vocals), who passed the audition with the producer Ivan Shapovalov. The first album with the English-lyrics for the world market, featuring several tracks produced by Trevor Horn, such as "Not Gonna Get Us" and "All the Things She Said". Eurodance-style synth pop with clear sounds. "How Soon is Now?" is a cover of The Smiths.
 Sweet Baby JamesJames Taylor/Sweet Baby James (1970)

The singer/songwriter from Boston, MA. One of the leading figures of singer/songwriter movement of the early 1970s. His second album is a smach hit that features two singles, a Top Ten hit "Fire and Rain" and a Top 40 hit "Country Road". Simple and folkie sound based on country, blues, gospel and R&B. Personal and introspective lyrics. "Oh, Susannah" is a cover of the famous song written by Stephen Foster.
 PlaytimeTot Taylor/Playtime (1981)

An English musician who had hosted 'Compact Organisation' label (Mari Wilson, Virna Lindt) in the early 1980s, Tot Taylor's debut album. Originally released on the Easy Listeners label in 1981 under the name of 'Tot Taylor and his Orchestra'. Easy-listening/lounge/musical (like George Gershwin and Cole Porter) style orchestral pop. Includes a single 'I Wanna Play the Drums Tonight'. Kirsty MacColl joined the orchestra (chorus). Recommended to those who like British pop such as the Kinks, 10cc and the King of Luxembourg (Simon Fisher-Turner).
 KilimanjaroThe Teardrop Explodes/Kilimanjaro (1980)

An English post-punk/new wave band formed in Liverpool in 1978, The Teardrop Explodes' debut album. Featuring Julian Cope (vocals, bass). Neo-psychdelia with organ, synths and trumpets. Includes "Sleeping Gas", "Bouncing Babies" and "Treason" (#18 on the UK charts). The 2000 digitally remastered CD features 6 extra tracks taken from the Japanese mini album 'Kirimanjalo', including a hit single "Reward" (#6 UK). Recommended to those who like Echo & the Bunnymen.
 Songs from the Big ChairTears for Fears/Songs from the Big Chair (1985)

A British pop band formed by Roland Orzabal (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and Curt Smith (bass, vocals) in 1981, Tears for Fears' second album. An international hit (#1 on the US, #2 on the UK album charts). Song-oriented, acoustic synth-pop with organic sounds featuring acoustic instruments (guitar, saxophone and piano) and powerful vocals. Includes singles, "Shout" (#1 on the US, #4 on the UK), "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (#1 on the US, #2 on the UK), "Head over Heels" (#3 on the US, #12 on the UK). Recommended to those who like Eurythmics and Depeche Mode.
 BandwagonesqueTeenage Fanclub/Bandwagonesque (1991)

A guitar pop band from Glasgow, Scotland. Noisy sounds of guitar and catchy melodies. "The Concept" and "Alcoholiday" are good.
Very good!Marquee MoonTelevision/Marquee Moon (1977)

One of the New York punks. The interplay of two guitars is so cool. Featuring Tom Verlaine (guitar and vocals).
 The Painted WordTelevision Personalities/The Painted Word (1982/1983)

A cult guitar band from the UK. The sound is like the Velvet Underground and Big Star.
 NeurovisionTelex/Neurovision (1980)

A pure techno-pop band from Belgium.
 AnthologyThe Temptations/Anthology (1964-1984)

A famous group of Motown Records. 2 discs. Contains 42 tracks. Includes "My Girl".
 Sheet Music10cc/Sheet Music (1974)

One of the UK style art-pop bands in the 1970s. 2nd album.
 The Original Soundtrack10cc/The Original Soundtrack (1975)

3rd album. Includes a cinematic suite "Une Nuit a Paris" and masterpiece "I'm Not in Love".
 Teresa Teng Chinese Best SelectionTeresa Teng/Teresa Teng Chinese Best Selection (1978-1986)

A Taiwanese female singer who had enormous popularity in East Asia, especially Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China from the 1970s to the 1980s, and called an 'Asian songbird'. Her Chinese name is Deng Lijun. A best compilation album released in Japan in 2006 (2 CDs). The disc 1 includes her major 18 songs with Chinese lyrics, such as 'Hé Rì Jūn Zài Lái/When Will You Return?' (A hit song originally sung by the Shanghai singer/actress Zhou Xuan in 1937. The Teresa Teng version became a huge revival hit in mainland China in the early 1980s), 'Yè Lái Xiāng/Night Fragrant Flower' (a Chinese pop song also sung by Li Xianglan/Yoshiko Yamaguchi in 1951), 'Yuè Liàng Dài Biao Wo De Xīn/The Moon Represents My Heart', 'Xiao Chéng Gù Shì/Small Town Story', and 'Tián Mì Mì/Your Sweet Smiles' (The original is an Indonesian folk song. Later used in Hong Kong film 'Comrades: Almost a Love Story' in 1996). Chinese pop gems with shiny, mellow and beautiful voice. The disc 2 includes 18 Chinese versions of Japanese hit songs. 'Kuukou/Airport', 'Tsugunai/Amends', 'Aijin/Mistress', 'Toki no Nagare ni Mi wo Makase/Going with the Flow of the Times' are her original hit songs in Japan. 'Tsugari-kaikyou Fuyu-geshiki/Tsugaru Channel Winter Scenery' is a cover of Sayuri Ishikawa. 'Kitaguni no Haru/Northern Spring' is a cover of Masao Sen. 'Erimo-misaki/Erimo Cape' is a cover of Shin'ichi Mori. 'Goodbye My Love' is a cover of Ann Lewis.
Good!They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants/They Might Be Giants (1986)

American pop duo. The catchy melody lines in the British pop style, like Elvis Costello and XTC.
 LincolnThey Might Be Giants/Lincoln (1988)

This 2nd album is good too. The vocal style is just like Elvis Costello.
 FloodThey Might Be Giants/Flood (1990)

This 3rd album is good too. Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley joined as producers.
 The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor ElevatorsThe 13th Floor Elevators/The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators (1966)

A psychedelic rock band formed in Austin, Texas in 1965, the 13th Floor Elevators' debut album. Features Roky Erikson's freaky yelping vocals and Tommy Hall's electric jug (an odd, pot-like percussion instrument). Includes the band's one and only hit "You're Gonna Miss Me". A garage psych/acid rock classic.
Good!DeceitThis Heat/Deceit (1981)

An English experimental rock band formed in Camberwell, South London in 1976, This Heat's second album (#18 on the UK indie chart). Released from Rough Trade Records in 1981. One of the masterpieces of the post-punk era, blending the elements of prog-rock/krautrock, punk, industrial, world music such as Middle Eastern music, tape collage method, and electroacoustic music. The improvisations from their live performances are also used as motif along with studio recordings. Experimental and rock-oriented sound, also including pop song melodies. The underlying themes are war (threat of nuclear warfare) and imperialism. Mixed by reggae sound engineer Martin Frederick. The remastered CD was released in 2002.
 I Want to See the Bright Lights TonightRichard and Linda Thompson/I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (1974)

The first album by the British folk rock duo of Richard Thompson, a songwriter/guitarist and ex-Fairport Convention member, and Linda Thompson, a singer and his wife at that time. Folk rock with a somber atmosphere, featuring Richard's excellent songwritings and electric/acoustic guitar playing, their flavorful vocals, with accordion, mandolin, dulcimer, krummhorn (woodwind used during the Renaissance period) and others. The sound is influenced by British traditional music and the US country rock. Famous as one of the greatest works of British folk rock and singer/songwriter music. The 2004 digitally remastered CD includes three previously unreleased live tracks.
 Greatest HitsThompson Twins/Greatest Hits (1982-1987)

An English new wave/synth-pop band who had produced lots of worldwide hits during the 1980s, Thompson Twins' best compilation album (relased on Arista in 1996). A trio led by Tom Bailey (vocals, bass). Dance-pop in the electro funk style, like the Talking Heads. Catchy melodies. Features 16 tracks, such as "In the Name of Love", "Lies", "Hold Me Now", "Doctor! Doctor!", "The Gap", and "Lay Your Hands on Me".
 Sixteen TambourinesThe Three O'Clock/Sixteen Tambourines (1983)

A melodic pop/soft-rock band from Los Angeles.
 20 Jazz Funk GreatsThrobbing Gristle/20 Jazz Funk Greats (1979)

The pioneers in industrial/noise music. The third album. Repetitive beat by using rhythm box and synths, electronic noises and voices like chants. A classic of techno-oriented industrial music.
 CrazySexyCoolTLC/CrazySexyCool (1994)

The US female R&B group, TLC's second album. The trio of Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (vocals), Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (rap) and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas (chorus). Pop-oriented sounds influenced by hip-hop and urban soul. The tracks feature the songs with mid-tempo beats and low-pitched vocals. The worldwide bestselling album that includes "Creep" (#1 on the US charts) and "Waterfalls" (#1 on the US charts. One of the classic R&B songs of the 1990s). "If I was Your Girlfriend" is the cover of Prince.
 To the Batmobile Let's GoThe Todd Terry Project/To the Batmobile Let's Go (1989)

Acid-house in a techno style from New York. One of the classics of house music stormed the club scene.
 Tom Tom ClubTom Tom Club/Tom Tom Club (1981)

A light dance-pop with rap, by Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, the rhythm section of the Talking Heads.
 LateralusTool/Lateralus (2001)

The American rock band formed in 1990 in Los Angeles, California, Tool's third full-length album (#1 on the US album charts). A masterpiece of art rock/prog rock-oriented alternative metal, like Jane's Addiction. Dark and heavy-hitting sound with flowing melodies. Complex rhythm changes and odd time signatures. Includes "Schism".
 The Very Best of Toots & the MaytalsToots & the Maytals/The Very Best of Toots & the Maytals (2000/1964-1988)

A compilation album (2000, Polygram) that includes major 19 tracks by Toots & the Maytals, a Jamaican musical group led by Toots Hibbert (vocals, guitar) and formed in the early 1960s. You can enjoy Jamaican pop by the Maytals, Toots Hibbert's melodic and pop-oriented songs influenced by R&B such as Otis Redding and funk such as James Brown, and soulful vocals, in each period of ska/rocksteady/roots reggae. Includes "Do the Reggay", "Pressure Drop", "Monkey Man" (a rocksteady song covered by The Specials), "Sweet & Dandy", "Funky Kingston", "Pomp & Pride", "Reggae Got Soul" and others. "Time Tough: The Anthology" (a set of 2 CDs, 41 tracks) is recommended for those who want to listen to more songs.
 Millions Now Living Will Never DieTortoise/Millions Now Living Will Never Die (1996)

An experimental instrumental rock band from Chicago's indie rock scene. Featuring John McEntire (engineering/mixing/percussion/vibes). The second album. A masterpiece of so-called 'post-rock' by incorporation of progressive rock, minimalism, dub, ambient and electronica. Includes 'Djed'.
 High SpiritsThe Toy Dolls/High Spirits (1983-1987)

A humorous and brisk oi-punk. Featuring Olga (guitar, vocals). A selected compilation from their first 4 albums. Includes 23 tracks. Includes a smash hit on the UK charts "Nellie the Elephant".
 Mr. FantasyTraffic/Mr. Fantasy (1967)

An English rock band formed by Steve Winwood (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass), who had left the Spencer Davis Group, with Dave Mason (vocals, guitar, sitar, bass), Chris Wood (flute, saxophone, keyboards) and Jim Capaldi (drums, percussion, vocals), Traffic's debut album (#8 on the UK album charts). Psychedelic rock featuring sitar, flute, mellotron, organ and others. A variety of styles, such as Indian music, colourful psychedelic pop influenced by The Beatles at that time, blues rock, and jazz rock. "Coloured Rain" is a song covered by Eric Burdon and The Animals, Al Kooper and Slade. I think Traffic's greatest album is earthy and soulful second "Traffic" (1968), but this first is good too. The 2002 reissue CD includes all the 10 tracks from the original UK stereo album and all the 12 tracks from the original US mono album. The singles, "Paper Sun" (#5 on the UK charts) and "Hole in My Shoe" (#2 on the UK) are psychedelic pop masterpieces.
Very good!TrafficTraffic/Traffic (1968)

The second album by the band featuring Steve Winwood (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Dave Mason (vocals, guitar, bass), Chris Wood (flute, sax) and Jim Capaldi (drums). Chatchy and soulful sound based on the trad/folk-rock style. High quality songs. Includes "Feelin' Alright" and "Pearly Queen".
 John Barleycorn Must DieTraffic/John Barleycorn Must Die (1970)

The album by the band re-formed: Steve Winwood, Chris Wood and Jim Capaldi. More jazz-rock oriented sound with effective sounds of woodwinds (flute, sax). "John Barleycorn" is a cover of the traditional folk song.
 The Low Spark of High Heeled BoysTraffic/The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (1971)

An English rock band led by Steve Winwood (guitar, lead vocals, piano, organ), Traffic's sixth album (#7 on the US album charts). One of their masterpieces in the second period (the early 1970s), in which the band became more jazz rock-oriented and gained commercial success in the U.S. too, along with the previous "John Barleycorn Must Die" (1970). An excellent work merging the elements of blues/R&B/soul, British trad. folk and jazz improvisation.
 CakeThe Trash Can Shinatras/Cake (1990)

An acoustic-oriented guitar pop band from Scotland. Tuneful and melodic.
 The Man WhoTravis/The Man Who (1999)

A British indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland (formed with vocalist/songwriter Francis Healy as the leader), Travis' second album. The tranquil and melancholic melodies are impressive. Includes hit singles, 'Why Does It Always Rain on Me?' and 'Writing to Reach You'. Produced by Nigel Godrich (who recorded Radiohead's 'OK Computer') and others.
 The SliderT.Rex/The Slider (1972)

UK glam rock band. Produced by Tony Visconti.
 People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of RhythmA Tribe Called Quest/People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (1990)

One of the New School hip-hop/rap groups. Sophisticated sounds.
 The Low End TheoryA Tribe Called Quest/The Low End Theory (1991)

An American hip hop group formed in 1985 in Queens, New York, known as one of the leaders of the Native Tongues school, A Tribe Called Quest's second album (#45 on the US album charts). A significant album in the history of hip hop, which fused hip-hop and jazzy atmosphere and had a great influence on later east coast hip hop. Minimalist and funky sound emphasizing deep and low-pitched sounds of double bass. Includes singles, "Check the Rhime" (#1 on the US rap charts), "Jazz (We've Got)" and "Scenario". "Verses from the Abstract" features jazz double bassist Ron Carter.
 MaxinquayeTricky/Maxinquaye (1995)

Ex-Wild Bunch member, Tricky's solo debut album. A masterpiece of so-called Trip-Hop. Underground hip-hop with slow beats and dark mood.
 ReplicasTubeway Army/Replicas (1979)

A London-based new wave band led by Gary Numan (keyboards, guitars, vocals, producer, mixing), Tubeway Army's second album (#1 on the UK album charts). Released about six months before "The Pleasure Principle" (1979), which was released under the name of Gary Numan. Electro pop featuring analog synthesizer Minimoog, influenced by John Foxx and Ultravox, and British pop influenced by glam rock such as David Bowie and T. Rex. The concept and lyrics inspired by Philip K. Dick are like near-future science fiction. Includes singles, "Down in the Park" and "Are 'Friends' Electric?" (#1 on the UK charts). The 1999 reissue CD includes sic bonus tracks.
 Proud Mary: The Best of Ike & Tina TurnerIke & Tina Turner/Proud Mary: The Best of Ike & Tina Turner (1991/1960-1975)

Ike & Tina Turner is an American pop-soul duo composed of the husband-and-wife team of Ike Turner (guitarist and bandleader) and Tina Turner (lead vocalist), known for the energetic stage performance and wild, powerful vocals, who had worked in the R&B/blues/soul/rock/funk fields during the 1960s and early 1970s. A compilation album (23 songs) which includes the early 1960s songs on Sue label and the early 1970s ones on Liberty and United Artists, but the mid and late 1960s recordings on Kent, Loma, Modern, Innis, Blue Thumb, Minit and other labels, unfortunately. Includes "A Fool in Love" (#27 on the US charts), "It's Gonna Work Out Fine" (#14 on the US), "Poor Fool" (#38 on the US), "River Deep, Mountain High" (#3 on the UK charts. Not the version produced by Phil Spector, but the 1973 version), "Proud Mary" (#4 on the US. A cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival), and others. "Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter" is a great funk tune. "Come Together" is a cover of The Beatles. "Honky Tonk Women" is a cover of The Rolling Stones. "I Want To Take You Higher" is a cover of Sly & the Family Stone. "The Acid Queen" (Tina Turner solo) is a cover of The Who.
 Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty BabesTV on the Radio/Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004)

An American indie rock band led by Tunde Adebimpe (vocals, loops) and David Andrew Sitek (guitar, keyboards, loops, composer, producer), and formed in 2001 in Brooklyn, New York, TV on the Radio's first full-length album (Touch & Go/4AD). Unique sound cannot be categorized, mixing post-punk, electronica, soul and shoegaze. The soulful and high-pitched vocal style resembles Peter Gabriel. Includes a single "Staring at the Sun".

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