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 Signing OffUB40/Signing Off (1980)

Cool pop-reggae band from Birmingham, England. The 1st album. No. 2 on the UK album charts. Includes the smash hit "King".
 U.K.U.K./U.K. (1978)

A progressive-rock supergroup featuring John Wetton (bass and vocals, ex-King Crimson), Bill Bruford (drums, ex-Yes, King Crimson, Genesis), Eddie Jobson (violins and keyboards, ex-Roxy Music, Curved Air, Frank Zappa's band) and Allan Holdsworth (guitar, ex-Tempest, Soft Machine, Gong). 1st album. Eddie Jobson's electric violin and synths are cool.
 Systems of RomanceUltravox/Systems of Romance (1978)

An artistic techno-rock band from the UK. Featuring John Foxx.
 The UndertonesThe Undertones/The Undertones (1979)

A punk/power pop band from Northern Ireland, the Undertones' debut album. Idyllic punk-pop, like the Ramones and the Buzzcocks. Sweet melodies and Feargal Sharkey's husky/smoky voice. Includes "Teenage Kicks". In the 1980s, after joining the Assembly by formed by Vince Clarke, Feargal Sharkey scored a #1 hit on the UK charts, "A Good Heart" as a solo singer, and John O'Neill (guitar) formed That Petrol Emotion.
Good!Second Toughest in the InfantsUnderworld/Second Toughest in the Infants (1994)

Rock-oriented techno/dance sounds. Featuring DJ Darren Emerson. A smash hit album (gold disc) in Europe.
Good!The United States of AmericaThe United States of America/The United States of America (1968)

An American rock band led by composer and keyboardist Joseph Byrd and formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1967, The United States of America's only album. A masterpiece of dreamy and electronic psychedelic pop featuring lead singer Dorothy Moskowitz's female vocals, organ, electric harpsichord, fuzz bass, electric violin, ring modulator and others. Experimental, but pop-oriented sound with catchy song melodies. Also features overlapping or collage of multiple sources, like Charles Ives, and quotations of old American music, such as dixieland jazz and marching bands. The 2004 re-issue CD includes 10 bonus tracks. Recommended to those who like psychedelic rock, electronic music, Silver Apples, The Velvet Underground and Krautrock.
 Look at YourselfUriah Heep/Look at Yourself (1971)

The British hard rock band, Uriah Heep's third album. Lyrical and prog-rock oriented heavy metal featuring Ken Hensley's keyboards and organ. Includes 'Look at Yourself', 'July Morning' and 'Love Machine'.
 Todd Rundgren's UtopiaTodd Rundgren's Utopia/Todd Rundgren's Utopia (1974)

Avant-garde and progressive-rock style. Mainly instrumental. The concept is something like futurism.
 Deface the MusicUtopia/Deface the Music (1980)

Beatlesque. Subtle charm of Americanized UK pop.
 WarU2/War (1983)

3rd album. Includes hits "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "New Year's Day".
 The Joshua TreeU2/The Joshua Tree (1987)

5th album. No. 1 hit on the UK and US album charts.

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