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 Pawn HeartsVan der Graaf Generator/Pawn Hearts (1971)

An English progressive rock band formed in 1967 in Manchester, Van der Graaf Generator's fourth album. Dramatic and symphonic prog-rock including melodic beauty and avant-garde, aggressive elements. Featuring Peter Hammill's theatrical vocals, including the style like David Bowie, with electric organs, piano, acoustic guitar, saxophone and flute. Originally conceived as a double album, but released a single album. The remastered edition was released on CD in 2005 with five extra tracks.
 Van HalenVan Halen/Van Halen (1978)

American hard rock band. Edward Van Halen's dry-toned guitar and the string-tapping technique. 1st album. Includes a cover of the Kinks' "You Really Got Me".
 All the Stuff and More...The Vaselines/All the Stuff and More... (1987-1989)

An indie pop/guitar pop band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Featuring Eugene Kelly (guitar, vocals) and Frances McKee (vocals). A complete collection including releases from 53rd & 3rd label. 'Son of a Gun', 'You Think You're a Man', 'Molly's Lips' and others. The tracks included are the same as 'The Way of the Vaselines' released from Sub Pop.
 Solitude StandingSuzanne Vega/Solitude Standing (1987)

A singer and songwriter from Santa Monica, CA, Suzanne Vega's second album. The sound is folk-styled guitar pop influenced by poetic singer/songwriters, such as Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, and traditional folk. Literate lyrics. Impassive and emotionally restrained style of singing. A smash hit single "Luka" is a song about child abuse.
 Caetano VelosoCaetano Veloso/Caetano Veloso (1986)

A Brazilian popstar. Folk-touched songs with the guitar accompaniment.
 In the Presence of GreatnessVelvet Crush/In the Presence of Greatness (1991)

The guitar pop band formed in 1989 in Rhode Island, USA. The debut album released on the UK Creation label. Melodic alternative guitar pop influenced power pop and country rock. Much like Teenage Fanclub. Produced by the band and Matthew Sweet.
Very good!The Velvet Underground & NicoThe Velvet Underground/The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)

One of the most influential bands for New Wave or post-punk movement (from the late 1970s to the early 1980s). 1st album.
Very good!The Velvet UndergroundThe Velvet Underground/The Velvet Underground (1969)

3rd album released after John Cale left the band. Lou Reed's delicate and fierce vocals.
 LoadedThe Velvet Underground/Loaded (1970)

The fourth album by the Velvet Underground, an American avant-garde rock band formed in New York City in 1964. The second album after John Cale left the band and Doug Yule joined, and the last album featuring Lou Reed. Unspectacular but pop-oriented compared with the first three albums, and the compositions written by Lou Reed are not so bad in quality. "Sweet Jane" and "Rock and Roll" are good garage rock numbers, and the songs in the folk rock style featuring Doug Yule on lead vocals, such as "New Age" and "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" are also impressive. "Fully Loaded" (released by Rhino in 1997) is a 2-CD set including lots of alternate takes, alternate mixes, and demo versions.
 ForeverThe Ventures/Forever (1960-1966)

Pioneers of instrumental rock'n'roll by electric guitars. 2 discs. Contains 41 tracks. Includes "Slaughter on 10th Avenue".
 Urban HymnsThe Verve/Urban Hymns (1997)

The U.K.'s rock band led by Richard Ashcroft (vocals), The Verve's third album. Melodic, shoegazing and psych-oriented guitar pop. The sound is filled with the feelings of lightheadedness and euphoria. A smash hit album (#1 on the UK album charts) featuring 'Bittersweet Symphony' (#2 on the UK charts) and 'The Drugs Don't Work' (#1).
 VisageVisage/Visage (1980)

The forerunners of the UK New Romantic movement. Electro-pop with danceable beats.

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