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 imageartist/title (release year), memo
 Roger the EngineerThe Yardbirds/Roger the Engineer (1966)

Released when Jeff Beck (guitar) was a member. Characteristic sounds with echo and fuzz tone.
 Upstairs at Eric'sYazoo/Upstairs at Eric's (1982)

A duo of Vince Clark (synths) and Alison Moyet (vocals). Soulful electro-pop. 1st album featuring the masterpiece "Only You".
 Fever to TellYeah Yeah Yeahs/Fever to Tell (2003)

An alternative/indie rock band formed in New York in 2000, Yeah Yeah Yeahs' first full album. One of the bands in the 2000s garage rock/post-punk revival, following the Hives, the White Stripes and the Strokes. A bassless trio of female vocalist Karen O, Nick Zinner (guitar, keyboards) and Brian Chase (drums). Garage rock like the late 1970s post punk/art punk. A hit album which sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Includes the single "Maps". Recommended to those who like Patti Smith, the B-52's, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and PJ Harvey.
 Solid PleasureYello/Solid Pleasure (1980)

A queer electro-disco band from Switzerland.
 Close to the EdgeYes/Close to the Edge (1972)

Better in quality than the previous album "Fragile". One of the masterpieces of UK progressive rock.
 I Can Hear the Heart Beating as OneYo La Tengo/I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (1997)

An American indie rock band formed in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1984, Yo La Tengo's eighth studio album. Widely regarded as the band's best work. Shoegaze-tinged noise pop featuring feedback noise guitar and whispery, relaxed vocals, as well as melodic and dreamy guitar pop in the psychedelic folk style. Very easy to listen to and comfortable. "Center of Gravity" is a tune in the bossa nova style. "Spec Bebop" is a long instrumental tune in the krautrock style. "Little Honda" is a cover of the song by the Beach Boys. "My Little Corner of the World" is a cover of the song firstly recorded by Anita Bryant (composed by Lee Pockriss).
 Colossal YouthYoung Marble Giants/Colossal Youth (1980)

A post-punk band formed in Cardiff, Wales in 1978, Young Marble Giants' only album. Released on Rough Trade (#3 on the UK indie charts). Indie pop of extremely simple sound, featuring only metronome-like drum machine, cheap electric organ, guitar, bass and lazy female vocals (Alison Statton), like minimal art. Recommended to those who like Brian Eno's "Another Green World", the Flying Lizards, Everything but the Girl and Galaxie 500.
 After the Gold RushNeil Young/After the Gold Rush (1970)

The third album established as the greatest work in his early days. Folk-country style rock with heavy guitars. Includes the masterpiece "Southern Man".
 HarvestNeil Young/Harvest (1972)

One of his masterpieces in the 1970s. Includes No. 1 hit on the US charts "Heart of Gold".
 Groovin'The Young Rascals/Groovin' (1967)

White soul group. 3rd album. Includes an excellent cover of Stevie Wonder's "A Place in the Sun".

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