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 imageartist/title (release year), memo
 Zapp IIZapp/Zapp II (1982)

Black music (funk, R&B, jazz...) with techno beat. Robotic voice by the talk box (an electronic voice-altering device). Includes No. 1 R&B hit "Dance Floor".
Very good!Hot RatsFrank Zappa/Hot Rats (1969)

A collaboration between Frank Zappa (guitar) and Ian Underwood (keyboards, saxes and clarinets). Blues and jazz style.
Good!Sheik YerboutiFrank Zappa/Sheik Yerbouti (1979)

Aggressive sounds like post-punk rock. The transcendent technique of Terry Bozzio (drums). Adrian Belew (guitar and vocals) joined.
Good!Jazz from HellFrank Zappa/Jazz from Hell (1986)

An American composer/singer-songwriter/electric guitarist, Frank Zappa's 1986 solo album. A 1988 Grammy Award-winning (Best Rock Instrumental Performance) instrumental album. Fusion/prog-rock/contemporary music-oriented experimental computer music with full use of Synclavier Digital Music System. All the seven tracks were executed on Synclavier with the exception of "St. Etienne" in a jazz-rock style, which includes Zappa's guitar solo from a 1982 live performance in France. "While You Were Art II" is a Synclavier performance transcription of Zappa's improvised guitar solo on the track "While You Were Out" from the album "Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar". Recommended for electronic music lovers.
Good!Odessey and OracleThe Zombies/Odessey and Oracle (1967)

UK pop group. The chorus and melodies are beautiful. Their last album. Includes "Time of the Season".
 Tres HombresZZ Top/Tres Hombres (1973)

An American three-piece rock band led by Billy Gibbons (guitar, vocals) and formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas, ZZ Top's third album (#8 on the US album charts). The album title is Spanish for "three men". Heavy blues rock/boogie rock influenced both by the US blues such as B.B. King, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, and the Briths blues such as Cream and Jeff Beck. Includes a single, "La Grange". The digitally remixed version (with the sound different from the original) was the only version available on CD since the mid-1980s for over 20 years, but the remastered and expanded edition using the original mix (including three bonus live tracks) was released on CD in 2006.

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