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Recommended Anime: OAVs (Original Animation Videos)

Last touched: Jul. 25, 2019

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 English titleRelease
Explanatory Notes
A serious Sci-Fi anime depicting the pioneers on the moon, Lunarians' guerrilla war (class struggle) against the Earth Federal Government. Released as the first OAV (Original Animation Video) series in Japan. OAV, also called as 'OVA' (Original Video Animation), means anime works distributed only on video media. 4 episodes. The original story by Hisayuki Toriumi. The screenplay by Hisayuki Toriumi and Mamoru Oshii. Directed by Mamoru Oshii. Produced by Studio Pierrot. There is also the novelized version by Hisayuki Toriumi.
 Birth1984A motion-oriented Sci-Fi action anime by use of about 50,000 images of animation (80 minutes). The story of a boy named Nam Shulgi, who lives on the planet Aquaroid, which has been ruled by mysterious, inorganic life forms with intelligence, called 'Inorganic'. One day he got a 'sacred sword', the only weapon that can destroy Inorganic. The animation director and character designer, Yoshinori Kanada is a charismatic animator, who is noted for extreme perspectivism, speedy and powerful action (his masterpieces are Getter Robo, Gaiking, Zambot 3, 999 the movies, Nausicaa, AKIRA and many others). Directed by Shin'ya Sadamitsu. Produced by Kaname Production. Released at the theaters in Tokyo and Osaka before the release of the video. There is also the manga (graphic novel) version by Kanada himself.
 Megazone 23
(Part 1)
1985A Sci-Fi action anime, like the Macross series. A big hit OAV in the early days. The story of a 18-year-old Japanese guy named Shogo Yahagi, who thought he was living in Tokyo in the 1980s, but after he got 'Garland', a variable military bike that transforms into a robot, he found out that he had been actually living in a fictitious world within 'Megazone 23', the supergiant spaceship controlled by the computer 'Bahamut'. More adult-oriented than the Macross series. The original works and direction by Noboru Ishiguro. Produced by Artland, Artmic and others. There are the sequels, part 2 and 3.
Good!Angel's Egg1985A hard fantasy anime by the collaboration between anime director Mamoru Oshii and illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. Set in a submerged and ruined city, a girl holding a big egg meets a young man carrying a gun, who is traveling in search for a bird. An ideological and polysemic work without a clear storyline. Beautifl images influenced by Andrey Tarkovsky's films. Too avant-garde and hard to understand, but artistic and sophisticated anime. The screenplay and direction by Mamoru Oshii. Art direction by Yoshitaka Amano. Produced by Studio DEEN.
The first original production by AIC (Tenchi Muyo series and others) and one of the hits of early OAVs. A heroine action anime featuring pretty girl characters, monsters and giant robots, like splatter horror film and Tokusatsu (Japanese hero action film with special effects). Based on the manga (graphic novel) by Rei Aran. The story of a female android Iczer-One, who fights against the aliens Ktulu with a high-school girl Nagisa Kanou. 3 episodes. The screenplay, character design and direction by Toshihiro Hirano. There are the re-edited special edition and sequels too.
 Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko1985A Sci-Fi action/fantasy featuring a pretty girl in bikini armor and giant robots. The story of a 17-year-old high school girl named Yohko Asagiri, who got lost in another world 'Ashanti', and there the ruler Zel plotted to invade Noah (the Earth) by bringing back the power of the goddess 'Leda'. Yohko fights as the legendary 'Warrior of Leda' against Zel's ambition for returning to her own world. The earliest work of Japanese-style heroic fantasy anime. The original conception by Kaname Planning. The character design and drawing direction by Mutsumi Inomata. Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama. Produced by Kaname Prodction. Released at theaters after the release of the video (co-feature: 'Vampire Hunter D' OAV version). There is also the novelized version by Hideyuki Kikuchi.
 Cream Lemon Part 4: Pop Chaser1985The fourth of the 'Cream Lemon' series, which is the first X-rated anime in Japan. A Sci-Fi slapstick comedy like western/cowboy films, featuring mecha action and yuri (lesbian love) scenes. Set in a western town named Neo Cansas City. Being asked by a bar girl Mai, a female wanderer Rio fights against an outlaw Zack and his gang, who devastated the town. The highlight is the animation by lots of talented young animators of those days (consist mainly of the staff for the TV series 'Gu-Gu Ganmo'): The key animators are Hiroyuki Kitakubo, Yuji Moriyama, Katsuhiko Nishijima, Tsukasa Dokite, Toshiyuki Inoue, Hidaki Anno, Mahiro Maeda, Masayuki, Hiroyuki Kitazume, Hiroaki Goda, Hiroshi Watanabe and others. The storyboards, direction and animation direction by Hiroyuki Kitakubo. The character design by Hiroyuki Kitakubo and Yuji Moriyama. The directorial debut by Hiroyuki Kitakubo. Produced by Fairy Dust.
 Dream Hunter Rem1985-
An action/horror anime series featuring a 'dream hunter' girl Rem Ayanokoji, who enters the dreams of sleeping people and fights the nightmare demons that sap people's life. Originally released as a one-shot x-rated film for adults in 1985. but the remake of the first one (the sexual scenes were removed or replaced) coupled with a new episode was released as a G-rated (not X-rated) film for all ages in the same year. Later, this series became popular and the sequels, 'Dream Hunter Rem II' (1986), 'Dream Hunter Rem III' (1987), 'New Dream Hunter Rem: Dream Knights' (1990) and 'New Dream Hunter Rem: Massacre in the Phantasmic Labyrinth' (1992) had been released. The first three volumes (1985-1987) were produced by Sai Enterprise. The original story and supervising director is Seiji Okuda. The character design by Kazuaki Mouri with Anime R.
 Armored Trooper Votoms: The Last Red Shoulder1985See the paragraph about the 'Armored Trooper Votoms' TV series. An original episode (53 minutes) located between the TV series' first part 'Uoodo' and the second 'Kummen'. After leaving Uoodo, Chirico Cuvie meets again his comrades (Gregore, Murza and Byman) from his 'Red Shoulder' days in Bakara City, and they seek revenge against their ex-commander, Yoran Pailsen, who once made them go into the jaws of death. The highlight is the battle sequence in which Chirico's Scopedogs fight against Pailsen's Blood Sucker corps. The original story and direction by Ryosuke Takahashi. The mechanical animation director is Tooru Yoshida. Produced by Sunrise.
 Urusei Yatsura: Ryoko's September Tea Party1985The first OVA (48 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. Released in "The Third Urusei Yatsura Fan Convention" in 1985. It consists of new parts and excerpt of the TV series episodes. Ryoko (younger sister of Shutaro Mendou) invites Lum, Ten, Shinobu, a fox, Ran, Ryunosuke and others to her tea party, and they look back on their past events. Animation produced by Deen.
 Gall Force: Eternal Story1986A space-based Sci-Fi action/fantasy (86 minutes). Based on 'Star Front Gall Force', the 3D photo story serialized on the model magazine 'Monthly Model Graphics'. A film aimed at Sci-Fi lovers and fanboys, featuring pretty girl characters and mecha actions. Set in the world where two races fight the last war in outer space: an all-female, unisexual race 'Solnoids' and an unformed race 'Paranoids'. The story of the seven girl soldiers of the Solnoids, who fight against the Paranoids' attack, to protect the Planet Choas, taking a space cruiser called 'Starlief'. Released both as an OAV and a theatrical film in 1986. The original story and mecha design by Hideki Kakinuma. The character design by Ken'ichi Sonoda. Directed by Katsuhito Akiyama. The animation produced by Artmic, AIC and Animate Film. There are also the sequel OAVs, manga (graphic novel) versions and novel versions.
 Urusei Yatsura: Memorial Album1986The second OVA (28 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. Released in Kitty Film's fan club, Kitty Animation Circle (KAC)'s first event, "KAC Opening Tour" in 1986. It consists of new parts and excerpt of the TV series episodes. S-108 is the Mendou Family's communication/reconnaissance/recording satellite in space. When he watches his recorded videos of Tomobiki-cho, he becomes self aware, and calls himself "Shu-chan". Animation produced by Studio Deen.
Good!Robot Carnival1987An omnibus that consists of seven short anime films on robot created and directed by cutting-edge animators themselves. Lots of artistic, finicky and precious images. "Franken's Gears" (direction, scenario and character design by Koji Morimoto), 'Deprive' (direction, scenario and character design by Hidetoshi Omori), 'Presence' (direction, scenario and character design by Yasuomi Umetsu), 'Starlight Angel' (direction, scenario and character design by Hiroyuki Kitazume), 'Cloud' (direction, scenario and character design by Mao Lamdo=Manabu Ohashi), 'A Tale of Two Robots' (direction and scenario by Hiroyuki Kitakubo), and 'Nightmare' (direction, scenario and character design by Takashi Nakamura). The opening and ending films are directed by Katsuhiro Otomo. Produced by Kazushi Nomura and A.P.P.P.
 Neo-Tokyo/Manie-Manie: Labyrinth Tales1987An omnibus that consists of three short anime films based on the short stories written by Sci-Fi novelist Taku Mayumura: 'Labyrinth Labyrinthos' (the screenplay and direction by Taro Rin), 'The Running Man' (the screenplay, direction and character design by Yoshiaki Kawajiri) and 'Order To Stop Construction' (the screenplay, direction and character design by Katsuhiro Otomo). Elaborate and gorgeous images for maniacs. Released on video and screened in the Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival in 1987. The animation production by Project Team Argos and Madhouse. The original Japanese title, 'Manie-Manie: Meikyu Monogatari' means 'Manie-Manie: Labyrinth Tales'. 'Manie' is a French word for the English 'mania'.
 Black Magic M-661987The anime version (47 minutes) of one episode in 'Black Magic', the debut work by Masamune Shirow, who is a manga artist known as the author of 'Ghost in the Shell'. The story of a female freelance journalist Sybel C. Typhon, who came across Mario-66 (M-66), an antipersonnel automatic foot soldier (a humanoid robot soldier). M-66 had been programmed to search out and kill Nala Ferris Matthew, a granddaughter of M-66's developer Dr. Matthew. Sybel tries rescuing Ferris from M-66's pursuit. The original works, screenplay and storyboards by Masamune Shirow. Directed by Masamune Shirow and Hiroyuki Kitakubo. The animation produced by Animate Film and AIC. Quite faithful to the original manga version, because Masamune Shirow himself participated in the production. Recommended to people who like Masamune Shirow's manga.
 Twilight Q1987A series of short Sci-Fi/fantasy animes planned by Bandai. The title comes from the US TV series 'The Twilight Zone' (1959-65) and Japanese TV series 'Ultra Q' (1966). Started as a series of six episodes, but discontinued with the second episode. The first episode 'Reflection' (the original story and screenplay by Kazunori Ito, directed by Tomomi Mochizuki, the animation produced by Asia-Do and others) is a mysterious story with a high-school girl who time-warps to the future and past of another world. The second episode 'The Labyrinth Files: File 538' (the original story, screenplay and direction by Mamoru Oshii, the animation produced by Studio Deen and others) is a strange story with a private detective, who ran background checks on a middle-aged man and a little girl living in an apartment, and he came to fall into an identity crisis.
 Wicked City1987An adult-oriented, erotic and violent action/horror based on the novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi. The story of 'the Black Guard' duo of a human male Renzaburo Taki and a female demon Makie from the Black World. They fight against demons from the Black World to protect Giuseppe Mayart, an Italian psychic who came to Tokyo for the signing of a peace treaty between the Human World and the Black World. The direction, character design and drawing direction by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The animation production by Madhouse.
 Urusei Yatsura: Inaba the Dreammaker1987The third OVA (57 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. Based on the original manga episodes featuring Inaba (Nos.7-11 of Vol.31). A quality OVA with excellent drawings and plot faithful to the original manga. Produced by the same staff as the movie "Urusei Yatsura: The Final Chapter" (1988). Shinobu meets Inaba, a man wearing a rabbit costume, who is a staff of "Destiny-Making Administration Bureau". She picks up "The Key of Destiny" dropped by Inaba. Lum, Ataru and Shinobu stray into subspace with the key, and they wander about a variety of their possible future worlds. Directed by Satoshi Dezaki.
 Bubblegum Crisis1987-
A Sci-Fi cyberpunk action set in the near future 'Mega Tokyo' 2033. The story of the 'Knight Sabers', who are the group of four beautiful women (Silia Stingray, Priss/Prisilla S. Asagiri, Linna Yamazaki and Nene Romanova) in robotic-armored suits and fight against cyborgs from evil organizations. The story setting is influenced by Japanese historical TV drama 'Hissatsu' series. 8 episodes. Directed by Katsuhito Akiyama and others. Produced by Artmic and AIC. There are also the sequels: 'Bubblegum Crush', 'Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040' and so on.
 Dangaioh (Haja Taisei Dangaioh)1987-
A high-quality robot anime reviving the spirit of heroic 'Super Robot' anime of the 1970s with beautiful girl characters by Toshihiro Hirano and smart mecha design in the style of 'Real Robot' anime since the 1980s. The story of the quartet of psychic warriors, three girls (Mia Alice, Lamda Nom and Pai Thunder) and one boy (Roll Cran), who operate the giant robot 'Dangaioh', the strongest weapon in the universe, and fight against the outer space pirates Bunker. 3 episodes. The original conception, direction and character design by Toshihiro (Toshitaka) Hirano. Produced by AIC. The TV series 'Haja Kyosei G-Dangaioh' (aired in 2001) is the remake (by new staff) of this series.
 Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend1987-
A demonic and grotesque splatter/horror anime featuring sexual and violent scenes. Absolutely not for viewers under 18 years of age. Based on the manga (graphic novel) by Toshio Maeda. Set in the world composed of three realms: humans, demons and man-beasts. In the demon's realm, there was a legend about the 'Overfiend', who awakes every three millenniums and unifies the three realms. Amanojaku, a boy from the man-beast's realm, comes over to the human's realm in search of the Overfiend, and battles fiercely against demons who try to stop the awakening of the Overfiend. The first series consists of 3 episodes. Directed by Hideki Takayama. Produced by JAVN (Japan Audio Visual Network). X-rated, but high quality action/spectacular anime. Not so famous in Japan, but known as a shocking anime outside Japan. Recommended to those who like Yoshiaki Kawajiri's 'Wicked City', Go Nagai's 'Devilman' OAV versions and Katsuhiro Otomo's 'AKIRA'. The R-rated movie versions edited from this series was released in Japan, the US and European countries. There are also the sequel series.
 Ace wo Nerae! 21988See the paragraph about the 'Ace wo Nerae!' first TV series. An OAV series based on the second part of 'Ace wo Nerae! (Aim for the Ace!)', the shoujo (girls') manga by Sumika Yamamoto. Produced by the duo of director Osamu Dezaki and animator Akio Sugino, who produced 'Ace wo Nerae!' first TV series and movie version. After returning from a road trip in New York, Hiromi Oka learns of her coach Jin Munakata's death by myeloid leukemia, and she plumbs the depths of sorrow and despair. But Munakata and his best friend Daigo Katsura had made a promise that Daigo would coach Hiromi after Munakata's death. Hiromi recovers from despair and recaptures the passion for tennis through coaching by Daigo and rivalries against Ranko Midorikawa (Munakata's half-sister) and Reika Ryuuzaki (Ocho-Fujin). A very serious and touching drama. 13 episodes. The supervising director is Osamu Dezaki. The chief director is Noboru Furuse. The character designer and animation director is Akio Sugino. The animation produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha. The movie version (90 minutes) re-edited from this OAV series was also released in 1988.
Very good!Gunbuster
(Aim for the Top!)
A hard Sci-Fi/robot anime with abundant quotations and parodies of Sci-Fi, Japanese anime and tokusatsu (live-action films with special photography/effects). The original Japanese title 'Top o Nerae!' (Aim for the Top!) is a parody of 'Top Gun', the live-action movie on US Navy's F-14 fighter (Tomcat) pilots, and 'Ace wo Nerae!' the sports anime featuring a girl tennis player in high school. The leading character is a high school girl Noriko Takaya, who became a trainee pilot of 'Gunuster', the robotic weapon against attack by monstrous creatures from the outer space. 6 episodes. The first half is in a comedy style, but the last half is serious and dramatic. Aimed at Sci-Fi/anime maniacs (otaku), but an excellent entertaining film. The directorial debut by Hideaki Anno, the later director of 'Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water' and 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'. The original story and screenplay by Toshio Okada. The planning and production by GAINAX.
 Vampire Princess Miyu1988A fantastical and aesthetic horror in the purely Japanese-style. Set in Kyoto and Kamakura, the historic cities in Japan. The leading character is a girl named Miyu, who usually goes to school as a junior high girl, but she is actually a vampire hunting demons called 'Shinma' (God-demon) with her servant Lava (a Western Shinma) and taking them back to the world of darkness. Directed by Toshitaka (Toshihiro that was) Hirano. 4 episodes. The animation production by AIC. There is also the TV anime series and manga (graphic novel) version by Narumi Kakinouchi (the character designer of the anime versions).
Very good!Patlabor
(Patlabor The Mobile Police)
A police action/drama set in the near future Tokyo, where the humanoid general-purpose operating machines (multilegged walking manipulators) called 'Labor' are widely used. The story of the Special Vehicles Section 2 (Patrol Labor Troop) members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police's Security Bureau, who operate police labor called 'Patlabor' and combat Labor-related crimes. The planning and original works by the creator group Headgear: Mamoru Oshii (director), Masami Yuuki (manga artist), Kazunori Ito (scenarist), Akemi Takada (character designer) and Yutaka Izubuchi (mecha designer). The OAV series started to be released at the same time when the manga (graphic novel) version by Masami Yuuki began to be serialized. The first season (7 episodes) was directed by Mamoru Oshii and produced by Studio DEEN. The second season (16 episodes) was directed by Naoyuki Yoshinaga and produced by Sunrise. There are the movie versions and TV series too.
 Demon City Shinjuku1988The second monster horror/action film by the staff of 'Wicked City'. Based on the novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi. Set in near-future Shinjuku, the central city of Tokyo, where has been transformed into a city of demons. The story of a high school boy named Kyoya Izayoi. He is a master of the fighting with spiritual/psychic powers, and fights against the sorcerer Rebi Rah, who killed Kyoya's father. The character design and direction by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The animation production by Madhouse.
 Urusei Yatsura: Raging Sherbet1988The fourth OVA (27 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. An adaptation based on the original manga episode (No.11 of vol.32). A slapstick comedy featuring Lum and her childhood friends, Ran, Benten and Oyuki. Oyuki is about to market strange birds called "Sherbet" as Pluto s special products, whose beak is a sherbet and it is shed and regrown many times. Ran borrows a Sherbet from Oyuki, and takes it to the Earth. She plans to make a lot of money by selling sherbets, but Sherbet escapes from Ran and runs riot. Elaborate drawings of Ran and Benten by animation director Katsuhiko Nishijima are impressive. Directed by Setsuko Shibuichi. Animation produced by Magic Bus.
 Urusei Yatsura: Nagisa's Fiancé1988The fifth OVA (27 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. An adaptation based on the original manga episode (No.8-9 of vol.32). Lum, Ataru, Mendou and Shinobu visit Ryunosuke and her father in an isolated island Ryunosuke's father purchased from his old friend Shiowatari. Ryunosuke's father opened a seaside restaurant there, but there's no way customers come, because it is a desert island, and furthermore, a couple of ghosts appears at night. The ghosts are Shiowatari and his son Nagisa, who looks just like a girl, and Nagisa calls himself Ryunosuke's fiancé. Directed by Setsuko Shibuichi. Animation produced by Magic Bus.
 Hades Project Zeorymer1988-
The giant robot anime depicting the suffering and conflict of the young people born as artificial beings (clones). Based on the manga (graphic novel) by Morio Chimi (alias name of Yoshiki Takaya, the author of "The Guyver: Bio-Booster Armor"). The original manga version (serialized in the X-rated manga magazine, Monthly 'Lemon People' in 1983-1984) contains explicit sexual scenes (absolutely not for readers under 18 years of age), but this OAV version is a pure and well-made giant robot anime without sexual content, and is different in setting and storyline from the manga version. The story of a 15-year-old boy Masato Akitsu, who operates a giant robot 'Zeorymer' with the help of a mystery girl Miku Himuro, and fights against the giant robot corps manipulated by 'Hau Dragon', a secret Chinese-based organization plotting the world domination. 4 episodes. The original story by Morio Chimi. The screenplay by Sho Aikawa. Directed by Toshihiro Hirano. Produced by AIC. Recommended to those who like robot animes directed by Hirano and produced by AIC, such as 'Iczer-One' and 'Dangaioh'.
Good!Gosenzosama Ban Banzai!
(Long Live Our Ancestors!)
A slapstick comedy with meta-fictional story and theatrical direction like a stage play. The story of high-school boy Inumaru Yomota and his family, who met a girl named Maroko and she called herself Inumaru's grand-daughter came from the future world. The original works, screenplay and direction by Mamoru Oshii. Produced by Studio Pierrot. 6 episodes. The movie version 'Maroko' (1990) was a film edited from this OAV series.
Good!Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket1989A side story of the Gundam 1st TV series. The story of interaction between 3 persons-Alfred Izuruha (a 11-year-old boy), Bernard Wiseman (a soldier of Zeon and pilot of Zaku) and Christina Mackenzie (a soldier of the Earth Federation and test pilot of the new Gundam 'Alex')-at space colony Side 6 in the last days of the One Year War (in 0079 Universal Century). Directed by Fumihiko Takayama. 6 episodes. Produced by Sunrise.
 Goku: Midnight Eye1989An original animation video (50 minutes) based on the first episode of the manga "Goku" (serialized on 'Comic Burger' in 1987) by Buichi Terasawa, who is known as the author of "Cobra". An adult-oriented and hard-boiled cyber action set in near future Tokyo. The leading character Goku Furinji is a private detective with an ultrahigh-performance and small terminal device in his left eye, which has various sensors and can access/hack computers all over the world. With his "God's Eye" and extensible Nyoibou stick, Goku fights against a death merchant Genji Hakuryu. Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The animation production by Madhouse. Released from Toei Video.
 Urusei Yatsura: The Electric Household Guard1989The sixth OVA (26 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. An adaptation based on the original manga episode (No.9-10 of vol.29). The Mendou Famiily's Oniwaban (undercover agent), Old Man Saizou's grandson and a boy with electricity-resisting property, Shingo assumes Oniwaban for Shutaro Mendou. Shingo spies at Ryoko by order of Shutaro, but Shingo falls in love with Ryoko at once, and Ryoko induces Shingo to elope with her to kill her boredom. Directed by Setsuko Shibuichi. Animation produced by Magic Bus.
 Urusei Yatsura: I Howl at the Moon1989The seventh OVA (26 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. An adaptation based on the original manga episode (No.9 of vol.33). Lum tries to make Sakuramochi (a Japanese sweet. Pink-colored rice cake (mochi) with a red bean paste (anko) center) for Ataru, but she uses the wrong recipe by mistake, and she makes Tsukimi Dango (Japanese dumpling (dango) for moon-viewing). If an earthian eats it, he will change into a wolf in appearance. Ataru and Onsen-Mark eat it, and they change into wolfmen. Directed by Setsuko Shibuichi. Animation produced by Magic Bus.
 Urusei Yatsura: Goat and Cheese1989The eighth OVA (26 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. An adaptation based on the original manga episode (No.8 of vol.33). Mendou tells Lum, Ataru and Shinobu about a goat statue on the hill of the Mendou Family. He says if a person is photographed with the statue, he/she will die because of the curse of the spirit of the goat. Then, Mendou's father appears and takes a picture of them with the statue. They struggle to avoid the curse. Directed by Yutaka Okamura (Tensai Okamura). Animation produced by Madhouse.
 Urusei Yatsura: Catch the Heart1989The ninth OVA (26 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. An adaptation based on the original manga episode (No.10 of vol.33). Ran bought candies called "Dakkon-Tou" (Soul-Robbing Candy) from a strange candy seller in a forest in another dimension. He says if you makes a person you like eat it and you takes a heart above his/her head, he/she will be charmed with you. Ran tries to do it about Rei, but she fails because Rei eats the heart too. Ran dashes Dakkon-Tou against Lum in anger. Lum eats the candy and goes to school with the heart above her head, and it triggers a scramble for Lum's heart in Tomobiki Highschool. Directed by Shigeru Morikawa (Yuu Kou). Animation produced by Madhouse.
An OAV series (4 episodes, each one is about 50 minutes) based on the manga "Shutendoji" (serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine in 1976-1978) by Go Nagai and Dynamic Productions. The original is a masterpiece of romantic Sci-Fi manga featuring "Oni" (ogre-like creatures in Japanese folklore) as a motif, the legend of Shuten-doji in Mt. Ooe among others. An oni named Senki, who protects a baby against onis, appears in front of Mr. and Mrs. Shiba, and he leaves the baby in the care of Mr. and Mrs. Shiba, saying "I'll be back to pick up him 15 years later". Mr. and Mrs. Shiba call Jiro Shutendo the baby, and raise him as their child. 15 years later, Jiro becomes a high-school student. He is involved in a battle against mysterious forces, and wanders about a future world (space age in 2100), ancient Japan (Heian Period), and "Ongokukai" (hellish world of oni), searching for the secret of his birth. Because this series was made by selecting some episodes from the original manga and omitting or changing some episodes, it is not a totally faithful anime version, but the character designs are close to the original, and can be enjoyed as a violence/monster action anime. Directed by Junji Nishimura (1st and 2nd episodes), Jun Kawagoe (3rd) and Masatomo Sudo (4th). The animation produced by Studio Signal. There are also the novel version by Yasutaka Nagai (Dynamic Productions) and the Role-playing game for the NEC PC-9801.
 Devilman: Silene, the Demon Bird1990The animated film of the two episodes from Devilman manga (graphic novel) version, Jinmen and Silene (Siren). More faithful to the original manga version than the TV series. Directed by Tsutomu Iida. The original works and supervising by Go Nagai. The animation production by Oh-Produntion.
 The Hakkenden: The Legend of the Eight Dog Warriors1990-
A historical action anime based on the Japanese classic romantic novel 'Nanso Satomi Hakkenden' by Kyokutei (Takizawa) Bakin. The scene is laid in Japanese medieval period of Warring States. The story of an unhappy princess called Fuse-hime, who got married with a dog, and eight young samurai warriors who have eight mysterious beads. Realistic and gorgeous animation. Directed by Takashi Anno. 6 episodes. Produced by AIC. There is the sequel ('The Hakkenden: New Chapter', 7 episodes, 1993-95) too.
 Cyber City Oedo 8081990-
A cyberpunk/police action anime series (three episodes) set in the future Tokyo, created by Yoshiaki Kawajiri and Madhouse, following their "Wicked City", "Demon City Shinjuku" and "Goku: Midnight Eye". In the year 2808 in a cyber city "Oedo", three criminals (Sengoku, Gogol and Benten) are employed as mobile detectives by the Cyber Police on the condition of their sentence reductions, and they deal with bizarre cases linked to hi-tech crimes. Directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. The animation produced by Madhouse. There are also the novel version (written by Akinori Endo), and the adventure game "Cyber City Oedo 808: Attribute of the Beast" for the PC-Engine.
 Urotsukidoji 2: Legend of the Demon Womb1990-
See the paragraph about the Urotsukidoji first series. This second series 'Legend of the Demon Womb' is good in quality of script, direction and animation, just like the first series. Amanojaku and his younger sister Megumi fight against the satanist Munchausen II, who tries to revive 'The Lord of Chaos', an existence with a strength equal to 'The Overfiend'. 2 episodes. The original story by Toshio Maeda. The screenplay by Sho Aikawa. Directed by Hideki Takayama. The leader/vocalist of heavy metal band 'Seikima II', His Excellency Demon Kogure played the voice of Munchausen II in the original Japanese version. Absolutely not for viewers under 18 years of age. There is also the edited version (from the two episodes into one film), in which some scenes were cut, but some new scenes added.
 Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory1991-
One of the Gundam sagas. A story in the interval between 2 TV series, Gundam and the sequel Z Gundam (in 0083 Universal Century). The mecha actions are cool. Directed by Mitsuko Kase and Takashi Imanishi. 13 episodes. Produced by Sunrise. The movie 'Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Last Blitz of Zeon' (1992) was the edited version from this series.
 Otaku no Video
(Otaku's Video)
1991Produced by GAINAX, the production company of Wings of Honneamise, Gunbuster, Nadia and Evangelion. This series consists of 2 parts: animated and live action. The animated part is a self-parody of Gainax's pre-history at anime fandom (called otaku) in the 1980s. The live action part is a semi-documentary on otaku's life style. Directed by Takeshi Mori. 2 episodes ('1982' and '1985').
 Devil Hunter Yohko (Mamono Hunter Yohko)1991The first of the sexy action/fantasy anime, 'Devil Hunter Yohko' (46 minutes) series, which was popular in the early 1990s. The leading character is a 16-year-old high school girl Yohko Mano, who wears a red Chinese dress and fights against the demons. Released as a theatrical film version in 1990, and it was drastically altered and released as an original video version in 1991. The original story written by Juzo Mutsuki. The original characters designed by Gaku Miyao. The animation produced by Madhouse. There are also the four sequel anime versions, the video game versions (for NEC PC-Engine, Sega MegaDrive), the novel version by Juzo Mutsuki, and the manga (graphic novel) version by Gaku Miyao.
 Kyukyoku Chojin R1991An original animation video (74 minutes) based on the manga "Kyukyoku Chojin R" (serialized in the magazine "Weekly Shonen Sunday" since 1985 until 1987) by Masami Yuuki. The original is an Sci-Fi comedy set in high school, depicting the Camera Club members, icluding an android named "R. Ichiro Tanaka", and strange cases around them. This OAV is an original story depicting the Camera Club members going on a two-day shooting tour and stamp rally from Tokyo to Inashi in Nagano Prefecture through Izu Peninsula (Atami, Ito) and Toyohashi in Aichi Prefecture (taking the Iida Line between Toyohashi and Inashi). Directed by Ami Tomobuki. The animation produced by Studio Coa.
 Urusei Yatsura: Terror of Girly-Eyes Measles1991The tenth OVA (25 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. An adaptation based on the original manga episode (No.7 of vol.33). A mystery disease is transmitted from Ten to Ataru. That is an epidemic called "Maiden Measles", which only infect males. If a man is infected with it, it will make his eyes girly. Lum chases Ataru with a big injection gun to cure him, but the epidemic spreads because Ataru runs away and goes trying to pick up girls. Directed by Shigeto Makino. Animation produced by Madhouse.
 Urusei Yatsura: Date with a Spirit1991The eleventh OVA (28 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. An adaptation based on the original manga episode (No.8 of vol.30). Sakura is going to meet Tsubame for a date, but Tsubame is possessed by a ghost girl named Maiko, who falls in love with Tsubame at first sight. Sakura tries to get rid of Maiko with her amulet, but Maiko is not at all afraid of it, and won't stop clinging to Tsubame. Sakura goes mad with jealousy. Ataru starts trying to catch Maiko, and they create an uproar. Directed by Makoto Moriwaki. Animation produced by Madhouse.
 Doomed Megalopolis1991-
An OAV series based on Hiroshi Aramata's best-selling novel 'Teito Monogatari' (serialized since 1983), its first four volumes. The original story is a romantic saga set in Japan in the early 20th century (the last days of the Meiji era, the Taisho era and the Showa era). The story depicts the battles between Yasunori Kato, a mysterious man who performs the oriental magics (such as Onmyodo and Feng shui) and tries to destroy the capital city Tokyo by evoking the spirit of Taira no Masakado (a medieval warlord in the 10th century), and the people who try to frustrate his ambition, with historical facts and real people. 4 episodes (1:The Haunting of Tokyo, 2:The Fall of Tokyo, 3:The Gods of Tokyo, 4:The Battle for Tokyo). Can be enjoyed as an action/spectacle film filled with Eastern occultism. The series director is Taro Rin. The directors are Kazuyoshi Katayama (1st episode), Koichi Chigira (2), Kazunari Kume (3) and Masashi Ikeda (4). The character design by Masayuki. The animation produced by Madhouse. GAINAX animation staff, such as Hidaki Anno, Mahiro Maeda and Kazuya Tsurumaki, joined as key animators. There are the live-action movies.
 Video Girl Ai1992A love story based on Masakazu Katsura's manga (graphic novel). A high school boy named Yoota Moteuchi had been suffering from a one-sided love, but he met a 16-year-old 'video girl' named Ai Amano, who came out from the video screen, and started to live with her. The character designs are delicate and beautiful. Directed by Toshihiko (Mizuho that was) Nishikubo. 6 episodes. Produced by Production I.G.
 Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki1992-
A Sci-Fi comedy, like Urusei Yatsura series. 'Tenchi Muyo' means "Do Not Turn Over" originally. The story of a boy named Tenchi Masaki and alien girls like Japanese ancient demons or the royals. Directed by Hiroki Hayashi and others. 13 episodes and one extra episode. Produced by AIC. There're the TV series and movies too.
 Giant Robo: The Animation - The Day The Earth Stood Still1992-
The Sci-Fi mecha action anime based on the manga (serialized in 1967-68) by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. Set in the near future after the third energy revolution with discovery of a totally pollution-free and recyclable energy source called 'Shizuma-Drive'. The story of a boy named Daisaku Kusama, who is a member of the International Police Organization (group of experts for justice), and he fights against the BF Organization (secret society plotting world domination) as the remote-control operator of Giant Robo, the strongest robot on Earth. The robot and character designs are retro and cartoonish, but the drawings and animations are extremely excellent in quality. Many characters from other Yokoyama works such as 'Water Margin' appear as guests. 7 episodes. The screenplay and direction by Yasuhiro Imagawa. The animation production by Mu Film and others. There is also the live-action TV series (aired in 1967-68).
 Please Save My Earth1993-
The anime version of the part of the very long story of Saki Hiwatari's popular manga for girls (serialized in 1987-94). A love-hate drama/psychic action with seven guys and gals who share their memories of living together on the moon as aliens in their previous lives. A good-quality animated film with beautiful images and music, respecting the atmosphere of the original. 6 episodes. Directed by Kazuo Yamazaki. Produced by Production I.G. There is also the 'digest complete edition' (1995) with some new scenes added.
 Ah! My Goddess
(Oh My Goddess)
A romantic comedy based on Kosuke Fujishima's manga (graphic novel). The story of Keiichi Morisato, a boy student at the Nekomi Institute of Technology and member of the motor vehicle club, who lives with a 'Goddess' named Belldandy (and her 2 sisters, Urd and Skuld) from the world above. Directed by Hiroaki Goda. The animation production by AIC. 5 episodes. There is the movie version too.
 Black Jack1993-
The animated series of Osamu Tezuka's manga (graphic novel), by Osamu Dezaki (the director) and Akio Sugino (the chief animator/character designer), the duo who have produced 'Ashita no Joe', 'Ace wo Nerae!' and others. The original manga version (1973-83) by Osamu Tezuka is a long series of short stories featuring Black Jack, a genius surgeon without a license, which depicted impressive dramas about life and death. This OAV version is an adaptation of the original in Dezaki's style, and unlike the original, Black Jack is described as a humanitarian with a strong sense of justice. 10 episodes. Produced by Tezuka Productions. There is the movie version too.
Good!Macross Plus1994-
An original video anime series produced as a legitimate sequel to 'Super Dimensional Fortress Macross'. In 2040 in the Planet Eden, two fighter pilots, Isamu Dyson and his childhood friend Guld Goa Bowman fight with each other as competitors in 'Supernova Project', a competition for the Space Force's next leading variable fighter. They meet another childhood friend Myung Fang Lone again, and she works as a musical producer of an AI-programmed Virturoid idol 'Sharon Apple'. A good Sci-Fi/aeromecha action anime which inherits the three elements of the first 'Macross' series; song, three-cornered relationship and variable fighter. The highlights are the refined images fusing hand-drawn animation with computer graphics and beautiful music by Yoko Kanno. 4 episodes. The original story by Studio Nue and Shoji Kawamori. The supervising director is Shoji Kawamori. Directed by Shin'ichiro Watanabe. The animation produced by Triangle Staff. There is also the movie version edited from this OAV series 'Macross Plus Movie Edition' (1995).
 Key: The Metal Idol1994-
A mysterious story set in the world of development of humanoid robot walking with two legs. The heroine, Tokiko Mima (nicknamed Key) is a girl with supernatural agencies and a granddaughter of Dr. Mima, a robotics pioneer. She assumes that she is an android created by her grandfather, and aims to be an idol singer in order to be reborn as a human. 15 episodes. The screenplay and direction by Hiroaki Sato. The animation production by Studio Pierrot.
 You're Under Arrest1994-
A comic police action anime based on Kosuke Fujishima's manga (graphic novel). The story of the strongest duo of policewomen, Natsumi Tsujimoto (a woman with great physical strength and expert biker) and Miyuki Kobayakawa (an intellectual woman who loves machine), who belong to the traffic department of the Bokuto Police Station in downtown Tokyo. Directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi. 4 episodes. Produced by Studio DEEN. There're the TV series, movie version, and live-action TV series too.
 Plastic Little1994A one-shot, G-rated (not X-rated) Sci-Fi anime (40 minutes) created by animator/manga artist Satoshi Urushihara, who is known for his beautiful nude drawing of women characters, and director Kinji Yoshimoto. Set in a distant future in another planet Ietta. A 17-year-old girl Tita, who is the captain of a pet-shop hunter (sea creature hunter) ship, saves a girl Elysse followed by the army, and Tita and Elysse stand up against the army's plot. The drawings of their breasts in the scene in which Tita and Elysse in the bath are so subtle, artistic and very striking that this film is established a reputation as the greatest 'swinging tits/breast anime' in history, descended from the GAINAX works such as 'Gunbuster'. The original story and storyboards by Kinji Yoshimoto and Satoshi Urushihara. The direction, character design and animation supervising by Satoshi Urushihara. Directed by Kinji Yoshimoto. Produced by Animate Film. Cooperated by Studio Pierrot. There is also the manga version by Satoshi Urushihara.
 New Cutey Honey (Shin Cutey Honey)1994-
See the paragraph about the 'Cutey Honey' TV series. The original animation video series produced as the sequel to the TV series. Set in a high-crime area of the future, Cosplay City. Danbei Hayami, who had once fought with Honey Kisaragi against the crime syndicate 'Panther Claw', keeps alive as a cyborg for 150 years. Honey Kisaragi also keeps alive, losing her memory about those days, but meeting with Danbei brings back to her mind the past. She becomes 'Love Fighter' Cutey Honey again, and fights against new enemies manipulated by Panther Zora (ex-leader of Panther Claw), in cooperation with Danbei, Danbei's grandson Akakabu, Akakabu's wife Daiko, and Akakabu's son Chokkei. There are lots of guest characters from Go Nagai's other works, such as Akira Fudo (the leading character of 'Devilman') and Dr. Juzo Kabuto (the developer of 'Mazinger Z'). 8 episodes. The original story and original character design by Go Nagai. Directed by Yasutaka Nagaoka. Produced by Toei Video. Cooperated by Studio Junio.
 Maho Tsukai Tai! (Magic User's Club)1996-
A slapstick/romantic comedy by the main staffs of 'Sailor Moon' series. The original planning and supervision by Junichi Sato. The drawing supervisor is Ikuko Ito. The leading character, Sae Sawanoguchi is a second-year girl student of Kitanohashi High School in Tokyo, and a member of the Magic User's Club. She and the club manager Takeo Takakura, with other club members, try to fight against a giant, column-shaped probe (research) vehicle (called 'Tsurigane': Hanging Bell) controlled by invaders from the outer space. 6 episodes. The animation production by Triangle Staff. There is the TV series (the sequel) too.
 Cool Devices Operation 07: Yellow Star1996An erotic violence action anime (30 minutes) released as the seventh of the Cool Devices, an X-rated anime series. A beautiful girl named Ayana seeks revenge on her father-in-law Tetsuaki Fujisawa, who is an evil detective and sexually abused her by using an illegal drug with an aphrodisiac effect, called "yellow star". The first erotic violence action anime created by Yasuomi Umetsu, known for his "A Kite" (1998) and "Mezzo Forte" (2000-2001). The quality of animation is not so good as "A Kite" and "Mezzo Forte", but worth seeing for Umetsu fans. The character design and storyboard by Yasuomi Umetsu. Directed by Hiroshi Matsuda.
 Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team1996-
One of the Gundam sagas. The story of an Earth Federal Forces platoon's ground war in the Asian area on the Earth in the last days of the One Year War (in 0079 Universal Century). Directed by Takeyuki Kanda and Umanosuke Iida. 11 episodes and one extra episode (the sequel). Produced by Sunrise. The movie 'Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team: Miller's Report' (1998) was the edited version from this series.
 Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz1997See the paragraph about the Gundam Wing TV series. The sequel to the story of the TV series. In After Colony 196, ex-Gundam pilots, Heero Yuy and his fellows fight against Marimeia Khushrenada (a daughter of Treize Khushrenada, ex-leader of Oz), who tries to conquer the Earth Sphere with military force. 3 episodes. Directed by Yasunao Aoki. Produced by Sunrise. The movie 'Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Special Edition' (1998) was the edited version from this series.
 Voogie's Angel1997-
An original animation video series (three episodes) produced as one of the multimedia work "Dennou Sentai Voogie's Angel" (radio drama, drama CD, manga and OAV) based on Aoi Takeuchi's original story. A Sci-Fi action featuring cyborg girls, which was produced against the background of the hit TV anime series "Sailor Moon" and voice actor boom in the 1990s, and it features lots of popular voice actresses/actors, such as Kotono Mitsuishi and Aya Hisakawa (they did the main character voices for "Sailor Moon"). In the new western calendar year 202, the Earth was invaded by unknown intelligent lives called S.E. (Space Emigrant), and humans moved to undersea cities. One hundred years after, all-female cyborg troops "Angels" are formed to recover the Earth from S.E. Directed by Masami Obari. The animation produced by FRONTLINE and J.C.STAFF. Animator Mitsuo Iso (key animation of "Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket", "Neon Genesis Evangelion") joined as a key animator of the third episode under the name of Mikio Odagawa, and it has quality drawings. "Voogie's Angel Forever and Ever" (1999) is a digest edition which reedits the OAV three episodes with a new last scene (7 minutes) and new shots.
 Agent Aika1997-
A sexy action anime series for all ages (not X-rated), with the aim to show the shots with women's panties as much as possible. In AD 2016, a global disaster sank part of the lands into the ocean. 20 years after, a 26-year-old woman Aika Sumeragi works as a salvager who collects goods and data from the seafloor, with her partner, a 18-year-old girl Rion Aida. They get involved in the fight against a scientific genius Rudolf Hagen and his army of beautiful girls, the Delmo Corps. Aika has an ability to transform herself into another personality with a superhuman fighting power by the help of a special liquid metal called "alternate metal". The first season consists of 4 episodes, and the second consists of 3 episodes (there is also a special episode between the seasons). A highly perfected action anime featuring high-quality drawings. Directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima (key animator/animation director of "Urusei Yatsura", director of "Project A-ko"). The character designed and animation supervised by Noriyasu Yamauchi. The animation produced by Studio Fantasia. There are also the sequels (episodes before "Agent Aika"), "AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission" (2007) and "AIKa ZERO" (2009).
 Blue Submarine No.61998-
A full-digital anime by fusion of 3-D and 2-D CG. Based on the sea adventure manga (graphic novel) by Satoru Ozawa. In the near future, the large parts of land had sunk into the sea because of ecological terrorism by a scientist Zorndyke. The members of 'Blue', a supernational organization for peace and safety in the sea, fight against the terrorist association led by Zorndyke, who plots to eliminate all mankind. 4 episodes. Directed by Mahiro Maeda. Produced by Gonzo.
 A Kite1998An X-rated action anime that includes scenes of violence and sex. The leading character is Sawa, a high-school girl and assassin. The realistic and elaborate drawings. The original story, screenplay, character design and direction by Yasuomi Umetsu, a leading animator noted for 'Megazone 23 Part II' and 'Robot Carnival'. 2 episodes. Produced by Arms. The English version was the R-rated edit version, in which sexually explicit scenes were cut out.
 Rurouni Kenshin
(Samurai X)
1999A cloak-and-sword/samurai drama set in the 19th century Japan. Based on the manga (graphic novel) by Nobuhiro Watsuki. 'Rurouni Kenshin' means 'Kenshin the Rover'. This OAV reveals Kenshin's past episodes that were not described in the TV series (1996-98, 94 episodes). The story of meeting and farewell between Kenshin Himura, a swordman who became a ruthless assassin to overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate (Japan's feudal government), and his wife, Tomoe Yukishiro. Better in every quality than the TV series. Directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi. 4 episodes. The animation production by Studio DEEN.
 FLCL/Fooly Cooly
A comic Sci-Fi anime by the staff of Evangelion and KareKano. The story of a 6th grade boy named Naota Nandaba, who lives together with a self-proclaimed alien girl Haruko Haruhara and a humanoid robot called Kanchi. The cartoonish but elaborately crafted slapstick action is the highlight. The music by The Pillows, the guitar pop band, is cool. 6 episodes. The original planning and direction by Kazuya Tsurumaki. Produced by Production I.G. and GAINAX.
 Mezzo Forte2000-
An original work by Yasuomi Umetsu, following 'A Kite'. An X-rated, luxurious and high-quality crime/action anime featuring Umetsu's realistic and elaborate animation. The leading characters are the trio of 'Danger Service Agency' ,called DSA, Mikura (a girl and expert at shooting and martial art), Harada (engineer) and Kurokawa (ex-detective), who undertake illegal and dangerous works. 2 episodes. The original story, screenplay, character design, animation direction and direction by Yasuomi Umetsu. Produced by Arms. The is also the TV anime series 'Mezzo' (2004).
 Cat Soup (Nekojiru-so)2001A surrealistic short anime (33 minutes) based on female manga artist Nekojiru's 'absurd' manga, which was serialized in underground manga magazine, monthly 'GARO'. The leading characters are two anthropomorphized kittens: an elder sister Nyaako and a younger brother Nyata. Nyaako has been deprived of the half of her soul by the Death. Nyata takes her away and goes out in the weird and uncanny world for running errands. Directed by Tatsuo Sato. The screenplay by Tatsuo Sato and Masaaki Yuasa. The animation director is Masaaki Yuasa. The animation production by J.C.STAFF.
 R.O.D: Read Or Die2001-
An 'academic/literary' Sci-Fi/spy action. The leading character, Yomiko Readman is a female part-time teacher and a book junkie/bibliomaniac. She is also a secret agent belonging to the special execution unit in the Great Britain Library. In underworld, she is known as the code name 'The Paper', a woman who has a special ability to manipulate paper with complete control. 3 episodes. The original story and screenplay by Hideyuki Kurata. Directed by Koji Masunari. The animation production by Studio Deen. There is also the TV anime series 'R.O.D -The TV-' (2003-2004).
 Hoshi no Koe/The Voices of a Distant Star2002A short, full-digital anime film (25 minutes) independently produced by CG (computer graphics) animation creator Makoto Shinkai. All the images (2D/3D CGs) were created by Makoto Shinkai almost for himself with PC (Power Mac G4) and graphic softwares. A beautiful and emotionally expressive film on 'super-long-distance love' exchanging e-mails by mobile-phones between the Earth and outer space. Released in theaters and sold as an independent DVD in Japan in 2002. The DVD racked up astounding sales of over 50,000 only in Japan. The screenplay, direction, art and editing by Makoto Shinkai. There are the two Japanese audio tracks: the original version (Shinkai himself participated in dubbing) and voice actor's version.
 Ski Jumping Pairs (Ski Jump Large Hill Pairs: Torino 2006 [The Complete Edition])2003A very short CG (computer graphics) animation film produced by image creator Riichiro Mashima. His graduation work of Digital Hollywood University (Japan's school for the creators of digital content). A comical sports parody that deals with a fictional winter sport called 'ski jumping pair', which is the skiing with two racers jumping on the same boards. The live broadcast of the new 'ski jumping pair' event of Torino 2006 Olympigs, in which the six finalist teams (Finland, Australia, Germany, Norway, the United States, Japan) fight for the gold medal. Released on the internet in 2002. Screened in the film festivals of 28 countries, and won lots of prizes such as France's Annecy International Animation Festival, the short film competition. The DVD is released on Avex in 2003. The complete edition (about 7 minutes) of DVD features 9 jumpings. The direction, screenplay, production and editing by Riichiro Mashima. There are also several sequels and the movie version 'Ski Jump Pairs -Road to Torino 2006-' (2006).
 Makasete Iruka! (Grrl Power!)2004A short anime (24 minutes) independently produced by anime director Akitaroh Daichi (the director of "Kodomo no Omocha/Child's Toy", "Jubei-chan", "Now and Then, Here and There" and "Fruits Basket") and his staff, without relying on any one production company and studio. Based on the manga whose original story was written by Akitaroh Daichi himself (serialized in the magazine monthly 'Animage' since 1999 until 2001. Drwan by Takashi Takashita). The leading characters are three sisters of Umi, Sora, and Ao, who are all in the sixth-grade, but they live self-sufficiently, without going to school and running a do-it-all shop named "Iruka-ya" at the Shonan Beach, near Kamakura (a seaside town in Kanagawa pref., central Japan). The youngest Ao is a girl who speaks in sign language. A cheerful and comedic drama dealing with serious themes, just like "Kodomo no Omocha/Child's Toy", and the first Japanese anime with a full-scale description of sign language. The planning, original story, direction, storyboards and production by Akitaroh Daichi. The DVD released both in Japan and in the US at the same time. The title of the North-American version is "Grrl Power!".
 Le Portrait de Petit Cossette2004An original anime video series produced by anime director Akiyuki Shinbo, who had directed several TV/OAV series such as 'Yamamoto Yohko', 'The SoulTaker' and 'Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase-'. A fantasy gothic horror film with the motif of 'Gothic Lolita' (so-called 'GothLoli'. A fashion style started in Japan since the late 1990s. It mainly means clothing which looks like French doll costume). The story of an art student, Eiri Kurahashi, who fell in love with an apparition of a little girl seen within a Venetian glass, when he worked part-time in an antique store. She is Cossette d'Auvergne, who lived in France in the 18th century, and killed by Italian painter Marchello Orlando. Eiri takes over the killer Marchello's soul, and struggles with conflict between love for her and her curse. 3 episodes. The artistic and beautiful images are worth seeing. The original works by cosette house and aniplex. Directed by Akiyuki Shinbo. The music by Yuki Kajiura ('Noir' and '.hack' series). The animation produced by Domu. There is also the 'special edition' (edit version of the original 3 episodes), and the manga version by Asuka Katsura.
Good!Top o Nerae 2!/Diebuster2004-
An OAV series (6 episodes) produced for the 20th anniversary of GAINAX. A sequel to 'Top o Nerae!/Gunbuster', GAINAX's Sci-Fi masterpiece. The story of Nono, a girl who dreams of becoming a space pilot, and a girl named Lal'C Melk Mark, one of the teenaged pilots called 'Topless', who have supernatural powers and fight against the space monsters by operating buster machines (giant humanoid weapons). The introductory part looks like a Sci-Fi comedy in the 'FLCL' style, but the latter half is a magnificent drama in a hard Sci-Fi style, like 'Gunbuster'. Quite worth seeing. The original story and production by GAINAX. The planning and direction by Kazuya Tsurumaki. The screenplay by Yoji Enokido. The character design by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. The theatrical film "Gunbuster VS Diebuster Aim for the Top! The Gattai Movie" (released in 2006. 190 minutes) is a redigest of 'Gunbuster' and 'Diebuster' with new shots added.
 Re: Cutie Honey2004A high-quality OVA series (3 episodes, about 45 minutes each) produced as a spin-off of the live-action film "Cutie Honey" (2004) based on the original by Go Nagai and directed by Hideaki Anno. An original work based on respect to the first TV series and the settings of the film fersion, including its own elements such as cartoonish style, comedy, a story of a friendship between two women and lavish nudity description. Set in a near-future city. A secret society "Panther Claw" commits sabotage frequently. A police inspector of the security police section 8, Natsuko Aki goes into action, and she meets an android Honey Kisaragi fighting against Panther Monsters. The general director is Hideaki Anno. Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi (episode 1), Naoyuki Ito (2) and Masayuki (3). Animation produced by Toei Animation (cooperated by Gainax). The 4th episode was released as a drama CD.
 Kakurenbo2005A full 3-D CG animation (about 24 minutes) created by an image production unit Yamatoworks, a duo of Shuhei Morita and Daisuke Sajiki, who had worked in a digital image production group Kamikaze Douga and Studio 4°C as staff. A horror anime in the motif of Japanese folklore. 'Kakurenbo' is a Japanese word for 'hide-and-seek'. Set in a dilapidated city with lots of ruined high-rises, like a near-future Asian city. A srory of children who wear fox masks and try to do 'Otokoyo-sama no Oyuugi', a secret hide-and-seek play with uncanny ones called ogres. The elaborate and painterly images are worth seeing. The animation produced by Yamatoworks. The screenplay, direction and storyboard by Shuhei Morita. The character design and art by Daisuke Sajiki.
 Karas2005-2007An original anime series (six episodes) produced by Tatsunoko Production (known for "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman", "Casshern", "Hurricane Polymar" and "Tekkaman: The Space Knight") in commemoration of its 40th anniversary. Dark fantasy/hero action depicting battles between "Karas", a mysterious hero who guards the city, and mechanized yokais (Japanese spirits), set in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Worth seeing for its gorgeous and stylish images blending hand-drawn 2-D anime and Tokusatsu-like 3-D CG, and powerful action sequences full of sense of speed. Directed by Keiichi Sato.
 Tank S.W.A.T. 012006A computer graphics animation film (32 minutes) produced by CG image creator Romanov Higa. A Sci-Fi mecha battle action based on the tank police action manga (graphic novel) 'Dominion Conflict 1: No More Noise' (the first episode of Conflict Chapter. Published in 1995) by Masamune Shirow. Set in the near future Kobe Newport City (Hyogo Pref., Japan) where people live together with androids. A police tank squad, led by a female Sergeant Reona Ozaki, fights against criminal organization's AI tanks and an android over the personal data of all the Japanese. The planning and production by DoGA. The screenplay and direction by Romanov Higa.
 Amazing Nuts!2006An anthology of four short anime films (each one is about 10 minutes) produced from a collaboration between the anime production group, Studio 4°C's younger creators and music artists (m-flo, RAM RIDER, Kumi Koda and mink) who belong to rhythmzone, a label in the avex records group. Each of the films is an original love story featuring each artist's new song. "Global Astroliner" (directed by Daisuke Nakayama. Music by m-flo), "Glass Eye" (directed by Takashi Yamashita (writer/novelist). Music by RAM RIDER), "Kung-Fu Love" (directed by Yasuhiro Aoki. Music by Kumi Koda) and "Joe and Marilyn" (directed by 4°Farenheits (Studio 4°C's younger creator team). Music by mink). The elaborately-crafted images are worth seeing, as if pilot films for animated features.
 Pale Cocoon2006An independent anime film (23 minutes) co-produced by a CG creator Yasuhiro Yoshiura and a visual production company Directions in 2005. A Sci-Fi set in a distant future after the discontinuity of history, a world of huge and endless ruins without seas nor grounds. The leading character is a young man named Ura, who belongs to 'Record-Excavating Administration', a section for discovering/restoring records and analyzing the past world. The story itself is not so original as Sci-Fi, but the exquisite images full of detailed graphic depictions are impressive. The shaped forms of architectures and designs of technology equipments are stylish. The images are created by mixture of hand-drawn animation and 3DCG, mainly using Abode Photoshop, Illustrator and Autodesk 3ds Max. The direction, screenplay and production by Yasuhiro Yoshiura. Released on DVD in 2006.
 Project PAPO2006A series of 26 short animations (67 minutes in total) featuring "Papo", a robot with a speaker, and a concept of "fusion between images and music". Papo is a mystery robot who plays music and kill the people with his music. A film like a music video, and it tells the story only with images, music and sound effects (no voices). Based on "Project PAPO [First]", a flash animation produced by 10GAUGE (a group for creating animations, music and websites) and distributed on the internet in 2000, and released on DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD formats in 2006, as the first high-definition animation in Japan. Directed by Daisuke Matsuki. Music by Nobutaka Yoda (10GAUGE). Produced by G-creators.
Good!Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society2006A one-shot feature-length film (105 minutes) produced by the same staff as the TV series 'Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex' and 'Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG'. Set in A.D. 2034, two years since Motoko Kusanagi left Section 9 after the Refugee Riot Case described in '2nd GIG'. The new leader Togusa and the new Section 9 investigate a rash of incidents, such as a series of terrorists' suicides, biochemical weapon (micromachine virus) theft and child abduction case, and find that an ultra-wizard hacker 'Kugutsu Mawashi' (means Puppeteer), who actives as the cyberbrain hub of an elderly care system, is behind the scenes. In Japan, this film was premiered on pay-TV of digital satellite broadcasting 'SKY PerfecTV!' in 2006 and then released on DVD. Not released in theaters, but its quality is as good as theatrical films. The original story by Masamune Shirow. Directed by Kenji Kamiyama. Produced by Production I.G.
 Freedom2006-2008An original animation video series created as one of "Freedom Project", Nissin Food Products' promotional project for "Cup Noodle". An original Sci-Fi story set in the 23rd-century world where people had moved to the moon. The earth civilization collapsed because of homeostatic extreme weather, which had been triggered by the fall of the colossal space station freeport. A 15-year-old boy living in the lunar city Eden, Takeru finds the truth hidden by Eden, and embarks on an adventurous journey for freedom. The highlights are the innovative images introducing the style of Japanese hand-drawn anime into 3-D CGs. The story is not a serious political drama, but a simple and classical Sci-Fi action adventure, like Hayao Miyazaki's "Future Boy Conan". The planning and original story by creative director Satoshi Takamatsu. The original character and mechanic design by Katsuhiro Otomo (the director of "AKIRA", "Cannon Fodder" (the third episode of "Memories"), and "Steamboy"). The series planners are Dai Sato (series planner of "Eureka Seven") and Katsuhiko Chiba (series planner of "Outlaw Star"). Directed by Shuhei Morita (screenplay and direction of "Kakurenbo"). The animation produced by Sunrise (Ogikubo Studio). Six episodes (24 minutes each) and a special edition "Freedom Seven" (45 minutes). The opening images mixing animation and live-action films are created by Junpei Mizusaki (the president of Kamikazedouga). The theme song by Hikaru Utada. The other "Freedom Project" works are 10 TV commercial films, and novelization "Freedom Footmark Days" by Kou Furukawa.
 Nasu: A Migratory Bird with Suitcase2007An OAV (54 minutes) produced as a sequel to the short anime movie 'Nasu: Summer in Andalusia'. A drama on the bicycle road race. After the suicide of Marco Rondanini, a racer and the Spanish national hero, the road bicycle racing team 'PaoPao Beer' member Jean-Louis Chochi (he shared his hometown with Marco) has doubt about his life as a racer, and considers retirement, but he enters the Japan Cup in Utsunomiya, Tochigi with Pepe Benengeli and other teammates, and the team PaoPao Beer plays an exciting game with other teams. The precise description of Japan Cup and the race scenes with a sense of speed are worth seeing. Based on an episode 'A Migratory Bird with Suitcase' from Iou Kuroda's short manga series 'Nasu' (2000-2002). The direction, screenplay and character design by Kitaro Kosaka. The animation production by Madhouse.
 Red Colored Elegy2007An OAV (26 minutes) based on Seiichi Hayashi's manga "Sekishoku Elegy (Red Colored Elegy)" (serialized in "Monthly Manga Garo" in 1970-1971). The original work is a famous romance manga depicting the 1970s Japanese youth images symbolized by their unmarried cohabitations, along with Kazuo Kamimura's "Dousei Jidai (Cohabitation Days)". Created as one of "Ga-nime", Toei Animation's image contents based on the still images of artists' personal works. The author Seiichi Hayashi made his own work into a visual product, by writing the script, drawing the key animations, and directing it. This film consists essentially of still images, with simple animations, sound and music. All the lines are depicted as speech balloons, and there is no voice acting, though it uses narration by actor Renji Ishibashi. Young man and woman working in the anime industry, Ichiro Nishimoto (animator) and Sachiko Yamaguchi (tracer) begin cohabit with each other. Ichiro aims to be a manga artist, but he fails to be it. Their happy days pass away, and they eventually face their parting time. The setting of the anime industry is based on Hayashi's experience of working as an animator in Toei Animation in the early 1960s, and Yasuo Ootsuka, who was an animator in Toei Animation in those days, has a cameo in a scene. The drawing style is more simple, clear and closer to pop illustration than the original manga. The music by Keiichi Suzuki (Moonriders). The music direction and song by Morio Agata, who had made a folk song hit "Sekishoku Elegy" inspired by Hayashi's manga in 1972. Produced by Toei Animation.
 Kite Liberator2008A violence action anime (57 minutes) for all ages (not X-rated), produced as a sequel to "A Kite" (1998), taking over the world-view and setting from "A Kite", and featuring new characters. Set in the world several years after Sawa (the leading character of "A Kite") disappeared. The leading character Monaka Noguchi is a girl who has two faces, one as a smart and beautiful girl in the first grade of high school, one as a professional assassin called "Angel of Death", with the same gun as Sawa used. One day, a bloody accident occurs in ISS (International Space Station), where Monaka's father works, and Monaka and her father are ensnared by their cruel fate. Like "A Kite" and "Mezzo Forte" (2000-2001), the highlights are gorgeous and beautiful drawings, the loveliness of girl characters, and spectacular action sequences. The story is incomplete, and they have an offer to make the sequel from the US client, but currently there is no announcement about the sequel. The original story, direction, screenplay, storyboard, unit direction, and character design by Yasuomi Umetsu. Animation directors are Yasuomi Umetsu and Shuichi Kaneko. The animation produced by Arms. There is also the manga version (illustrated by Toshimasa Komiya).
 It's a Rumic World Urusei Yatsura: The Obstacle Course Swim Meet2008The twelfth OVA (30 minutes) of "Urusei Yatsura" series. Produced for "Rumiko Takahashi Exhibition" (2008). An adaptation based on the original manga episodes (Nos.8-9 of vol.23, No.8 of vol.28, and No.10 of vol.19). A slapstick comedy featuring all-star cast. For fans of the original manga. One day during summer vacation, a swim meet is going to be held in Tomobiki High School. Ataru, Lum, Mendou, Shinobu, Ryunosuke, Ran and other students are excited about entering the meet to hear that the winner will be exempted from the summer homework, but there are lots of obstacles and traps on the route from the starting point in gymnasium to swimming pool through the school building, and students drop out one after another. Directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani. Produced by Sunrise (the production company of the TV anime series "Inuyasha").
 Fumiko's Confession2009A short anime (2 minutes, 22 seconds) independently-produced by five students (Hiroyasu Ishida and others) of Kyoto Seika University (Faculty of Manga, Department of Animation). A slapstick action comedy depicting a girl who runs like a bullet. Uploaded to YouTube and Niconico in 2009, and played on YouTube 2 million times. A female high-school student Fumiko tells Takashi (a boy she loves) her feelings, but he rejects her. She cries out, starts running, and flies into the air. The high quality images including hand drawing and 3-D CGs, and action sequence with an overwhelming sense of speed are worth seeing. This work won lots of prizes, such as the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Excellence Award, the 22th Computer Graphics Animation Contest (Japan) Entertainment Award, the 2010 Ottawa International Animation Festival Special Award, YouTube Video Awards Japan 2009 Anime Division and others. The planning, direction, cinematography and sound by Hiroyasu Ishida. The music used in this film is Kabalevsky's orchestral suite "The Comedians", the No.2 "Galop". The set of DVD and making book was published by Mode Films and Studio Colorido in Japan in 2012.
 Isshoni Training: Training with Hinako2009A soft-core erotic, attractive animation DVD (main content: 10 minutes, special features: 14 minutes) for muscle training, featuring a lovely girl character. The users can do three basic exercises (push-ups, sit-ups and squats) with the trainer, a girl named Hinako (16 years old) wearing skimpy clothes. Not a serious guidance material for exercises, but a mostly hit-driven content targeted at otaku demographic, but it became a bestseller in Japan (topped Amazon.co.jp DVD sales ranking). Each exercise has only 12 or 24 times, but the tempos are pretty fast and hard for beginners. The planning, the screenplay written and produced by Muneshige Nakagawa. Directed by Iku Suzuki (the director of "Ranma 1/2 the Movie: Nihao My Concubine"). The animation produced by Studio Hibari. Produced by Primastea.
 TO2009A totally computer-generated 3-D anime made as the third of "3-D live anime" (the combination of 3-D animation with motion captures and processing in 2-D anime style), following "Appleseed" and "Vexille", by Fumihiko Sori ("Appleseed" producer, "Vexille" director). Based on the space-epic hard Sci-Fi manga (series of short stories) "2001 Nights" by Yukinobu Hoshino (serialized in "Monthly Super Action" in 1984-1986). Consists of two episodes, "Elliptical Orbit" (about 42 minutes) based on the Night 15 and "Symbiotic Planet" (about 46 minutes) based on the Night 13. The description of mechanical stuff (space station and others) with a taste of textures are sensitive and visually worth seeing, but the setting is old-fashioned and the script and direction are predictable. The screenplay and direction by Fumihiko Sori. Produced by OXYBOT.
 Coicent2011A totally computer-generated original video animation created by Sunrise (25 minutes). A Sci-Fi romantic comedy set in Nara (the capital city of Nara Prefecture) in 2710, with a strange mix of historic buildings, such as temples and the Great Buddha, and high technology, celebrating the 2000th anniversary of the 710 capital relocation to Heijo-kyo. A high school boy Shin'ichi Kakimoto visits Nara for the school trip. When he is chasing a white deer which stole his bag, he meets a mysterious beautiful girl Toto who is being chased by someone, and they happen to have a date seeing the sights in Nara. The 3-D CG characters almost indistinguishable from handdrawn 2D cell anime are worth seeing. The direction and screenplay by Shuhei Morita (the director of "Kakurenbo" and "Freedom"). The animation produced by Sunrise (Ogikubo Studio).
 Hipira: The Little Vampire Blu-ray 3D2011"Hipira: The Little Vampire" is a picture book (2002) written by Katsuhiro Otomo (the director of "AKIRA", "Cannon Fodder" (the third episode of "Memories"), and "Steamboy") and illustrated by Shinji Kimura (the art director of "Steamboy" and "Tekkon Kinkreet". The director of "Deathtic 4" (the third episode of "Genius Party")). A comical fantasy featuring "creepy and cute" characters. The TV anime series (12 episodes. Each episode is about five minutes) based on the picture book was aired on NHK BS-2 in 2009, and the five episodes from the TV series were sold on DVD in 2010. This Blu-ray 3D (23 minutes in total) includes stereoscopic versions of the four episodes from the TV series, produced by the conversion from the original 2D images to 3D. A story about Hipira, a boy living in the vampire city of Saruta, where the sun never rises, and his best friend Soul, a fairy born from human spirits. The worldview is like "Deathtic 4", but less creepy than "Deathtic 4". The 3D images filled with a sense of depth are worth seeing. Recommended for those who like the American stop motion animated film "The Nightmare Before Christmas", or "Deathtic 4". Directed by Shinji Kimura. The CGI director is Kodai Sato. The animation produced by Sunrise.
 Girls und Panzer: This is the Real Anzio Battle!2014See the paragraph about "Girls und Panzer" TV series. A new OVA (38 minutes) depicting the battle between Oarai Girls High School and Anzio High School in the second round of the national high school Senshado championship, which was not depicted in the seventh episode of the TV series. Anzio High School led by the captain Anchovy buys Italian World War II heavy tank P40 as a secret weapon for the battle against Oarai Girls. Oarai Girls infiltrate Yukari Akiyama into Anzio to get information about the new tank, and do a mock battle simulating a battle against Anzio. Like the TV series, its tank battle sequences are impressive and worth seeing. The Japanese blu-ray disc includes two surround sounds, 2.1 channel "Sensharound" including bass for subwoofer (in common with the blu-ray discs of the TV series), and 4.1 channel "Sensharound-kai" with center and rear (monaural). Directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (director of "Girls und Panzer" TV series). Storyboards by Hajime Katoki (mecha designer of "Mobile Suit Gundam" series). The animation produced by Actas.
 Blade Runner Black Out 20222017An anime short film (15 minutes) produced by CygamesPictures and directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. One of three short films that serve as prequels to the live-action film "Blade Runner 2049" (2017) directed by Denis Villeneuve, alongside "2036: Nexus Dawn" and "2048: Nowhere to Run". This film has been distributed on YouTube since September 2017. A hard-boiled science fiction noir featuring beautiful images and depicting the "Black Out" circumstance caused by two replicants in 2022, three years after the story of "Blade Runner" (1982). After Nexus-6 replicants became extinct, the Tyrell Corporation started manufacturing new Nexus-8 replicants with open-ended lifespans. Meanwhile, the incidents occur frequently in which the people regarded as registered replicants on database are slaughtered. A combat replicant Iggy and a pet replicant Trixie carries out an operation to detonate a nuclear warhead over Los Angeles, triggering an electromagnetic pulse that erases the Tyrell Corporation's database of registered replicants. Direction and screenplay by Shinichiro Watanabe. Character design and animation direction by Shukou Murase. Animation produced by CygamesPictures. Music by Flying Lotus.
 Devilman Crybaby2018An original net anime series (10 episodes) by Masaaki Yuasa and Science Saru. Based on Go Nagai's manga "Devilman" (serialized in "Weekly Shonen Magazine" in 1972-1973). The original manga is a horror action/dark fantasy masterpiece set in the world where indigenous Earthians called "demons" have been resurrected, and it developed into an apocalyptic saga. "Crybaby" is a unique adaptation featuring Yuasa's individual style (simple lines, strange perspectivism, and artistic expression), his bold arrangement, and introducing the elements of teen drama, hip hop culture, and social issues, such as disparity and discrimination in the context of the global situation in the 2010s. Streamed on Netflix with 25 subtitled languages and nine dubbed languages. Lots of extremely violent and sexually explicit scenes, which cannot be aired on TV. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa. Animation produced by Science Saru.

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