【Whisky〜“GLENFARCLAS(グレンファークラス)”】 「グレンファークラス105」ボトル




  アルコール度数が60度ということもあって,口に含むと”かっ”と香りが広がります。 口の中が焼けるような感じで,まさに60度の度数を感じます。 混ざりっけの無い,強い香りが特徴的。 いわゆるモルト的な香りよりも,まさにシェリー酒樽で熟成したような香りがします。 キレもばっちり。 そして,飲んだ後は口の中がヒリヒリ。

  かつてサッチャー首相が ”いつも飲んでいる酒は?” と聞かれて,「グレンファークラス105」と答えたことがあるとか(?)


GLENFARCLAS Single Highland Malt Whisky is unique. Our distillery in the "Glen of the Green Grassland"is family owned and run, Here,in the heart of Speyside, my family has cherished the secrets and traditions of malt whisky making and handed them down through five generations.

It has often been asked why we choose to bottle our whisky at this high strength. The answer lies in the gradual shanges which take place as the whisky lies maturing during many long years in the finest oak casks.

As the spirit takes on its unique character, the alcohol gradually evaporates-this is known affectionately as "The Angel's Share". After manu years,60% volume is the natural cask strength.

Creating a great malt whisky is a time honoured process. This bottle of GLENFARCLAS Single Highland Malt represents over 150 years of tradition and experience, and we are proud to share its secrets with you.


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