Sleeping Chewbacca

I slept out today.
- Chewbacca -

One day at the beginning of June in 2005, the weather was good for both wombats and humans.
Chewbacca has been sleeping for two hours except when he moved to the other place to sleep
and when he was going back to his house.
Two things which you didn't see last time appeared in his enclosure.
One is the suspended bamboos, and the other is a new hut.

Three bamboos are packed together

(I wonder if the small hole of the bamboo represents something?)

The New Hut

Chewbacca, you had a good hut, didn't you?

Chewbacca who was sleeping in (or under) the new hut

When I arrived at a quarter past two in the afternoon, he was fast asleep.
He has been sleeping at least for an hour since then changing his position once or twice.

I wonder what time he began to sleep here?




Moved to the next place and slept again

He moved to his favorite log at about three o'clock..
He seemed to play it, but he went to sleep soon.




Finally got up

Chewbacca suddenly got up since he heard the sound of the keeper's footsteps.
Then he looked restless, and he began to bite the gate and the door.
He did his own version of 'Open Sesame', too.

I'm sure I heard some sound.........

Shall I stand up and look for the keeper?
(He just raised his forefoot.)

Lay on his stomach and bit the gate

Bit the door, too
(The small view window which Chewbacca is biting changed. Compare it to the picture of the last month's page)

His own version of 'Open Sesame'
(The performance of rubbing his forefeet.)

Bit and pulled the gate stretching his body

Got fed up

Chewbacca, you looked so vigorous at this time only!?

When the keeper was going to unlock the door, Chewbacca ........

(Avi. file 2.56MB)

The door finally opend, however.....

He didn't enter the room at once this day. He seemed to think something for a few seconds.

Entered the room slowly



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