Chewbacca on July 10th

On July 10th in 2005, Chewbacca gave a big treat beyond my expectation
despite the hot and humid weather.

Do you know where I am sleeping?

(You can see that in the later pictures.)

Around 4:00p.m.

Your slightly opened mouth looks cute, Chewbacca.

Under the new hut
from 2:10 to 2:40 in the afternoon

Onto the new stage


He stayed on the stage for only one or two minutes the first time.

To the stage again after taking a walk

Hi, I came here again.
He came up onto the stage lightly.
Have you been waiting for me?
I saw many visitors on this side,too.
One-handed balance!
To go to the other side of the log or not.....

I decided not to go.
What Chewbacca was going to do was....
Biting the board.
What shall I do next?
He is thinking?.
You know I often look up.
I looked up more.
I looked up this side, too.
What is he turning his eyes to?
Do you feel sleepy, Chewbacca?
Is he thinking or sleeping?

Isn't it time for me to go home?

The door will not open because it's still a few minutes after three-thirty.

Chewbacca in the grass
The native grass grew well in Chewbacca's pen, and it was also a good afternoon snack for him.




Eating grass


On the third time....
A little after half past three in the afternoon



After playing with the log for five minutes or so he turned backward......

Chewbacca is a big man(wombat)!?

Chewbacca slept on the stage, though a lot of visitors had their eyes on him.
It seemed that he didn't pay any notice to the audience.


He was sleeping for about thirty minutes changing his position, sometimes.


Groomed while he was sleeping (see his left rear foot)


Zooming in on his feet

left forefoot left rear foot

Looking at from the other side



Just before he gets up

Around 4:10p.m.

To the new hut again
Stayed here for five minutes or so

The music which is played at four-thirty
It seemed that Chewbacca went to the door to the music and the public address.


Though I bit and pulled the gate, no one came......

I'll wait for a while changing my position......


Got fed up and was about to sleep

Change of mood


Took a rest at the log

Around 16:40

From the other side

Chewbacca fell asleep at 16:45 as if he got tired of waiting.
I wonder what time he went home this day?

Today's pose
He stopped at the new hut in the middle of walking.

about 2:45p.m.

Chewbacca, you look sleepy since you just woke up, don't you?


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