Midsummer Greetings!

-- To dear Chewbacca --

It's not so hot in Tokyo this summer, however,
it must be hard for you to get through summer, Chewbacca.
I'm very happy you had a new 'hideout' with the roof.
Please take shelter to get out of the summer heat, and
be careful not to let yourself get too hot.

On July 30, it began to rain at two o'clock in the afternoon,
just before I reached Chewbacca's pen.

It scattered light rain then.

2:00 p.m.

Chewbacca in the rain

It started raining harder after I reached his pen. It kept raining for about thirty minutes.
However, Chewbacca was okay because he had a good hiding place! 

It was raining hardest at around two-thirty.
You can see raindrops on the pictures below.


Chewbacca showed us his funny facial expressions during the rain.





Chewbacca after the rain clear up

To the stage first

We could only see his back for five minutes.
(After grooming, he came up onto the stage again, but kept his backward-looking posture again for a while.)

Grooming near the door of his room


Under the roof again

He seemed to sleep, but didn't. He looked up soon.

He kept this position for five minutes turning over his face, sometimes.

Digged a bit sitting

Today's performance

Your performance was fascinating today, Chewbacca.

"Please enjoy my performance fully this time."



 "I'm going to sleep...."
A wallaby jumped in Chewbacca's pen.

I don't sleep now as there are many visitors!
He posed for a couple of minutes.

The beginning of the next performance

Chewbacca is swimming by way of being a sea calf?!


The end

Stood up and.....

Gazing at the audience?




Did you enjoy my performance?

I appreciate you watching my performance.

With the stump


4:15 p.m.

He stopped playing with the stump and waited for the keeper at the gate, but the door didn't open.

Change of mind

Went up the slope

Took a rest at the tree

"I hear the music at four-thirty. Do I still have to wait, my keeper?"

I like to be here

"I'll sleep again."

I hope you enjoyed my performance.
I would like you to come to see me again, though I don't necessarily move a lot every time.

I tell you what. I forgot to mention last time, but the scar of my head healed!
Did you notice that?
Actually I have been afraid that it wouldn't heal.



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