Chewbacca in June

The leaves of the trees in my garden got thick and green.
I feel as if I became a tree for being surrounded with the green leaves.


I'm coming near the glass.  

Have a good day!
See you again. 


     A flower and Chewbacca

Chewbacca's eyes


I usually do like these

What I often do here is ...........
Scratching the small steel-barred window with my forefoot......
Biting with my strong teeth.......
I wonder if I'll bite this side........
Getting tired, I lay on my stomach.....
Took a little rest

 Do I look like a bear?

I wonder if I'll climb this fence.....

Maybe I can see the opposite side of the fence.....
The fence is higher than me......
Excuse me, are you in there, wallabies?

I feel as if I became a bear.....

The wombat's howling?!
Stopped. I have to be careful when I come down.

I'll climb this triangular roof.
Chewbacca, your house will break down if you bite it so hard.

Around Chewbacca's triangular hut seems to have changed

Chewbacca seems to have been absorbed in digging, because I found the gap (hole) between inside and outside the triangular hut. It was fun to see that the sunlight broke through the gap. You can see the hole on the right side of the hut on the right picture below.
It should have been a lot of fun if you could see Chewbacca going in and out through the hole, but......

Compare the following



The house had disappeared when I visited him on July 6 in 2001.

left: the remains of the triangular hut
right: the triangular hut taken away and moved to the outside of his enclosure

 *  *  *

I guessed that the triangular hut had fallen down as Chewbacca dug around it, however, the fact was that.....

Accoriding to the keeper, they took it away a few weeks ago because some people said that they couldn't see the the wombat as he was often in it.

I would say that......
 As a big fan of Chewbacca, I have mixed feelings about that.
I wonder if we can see Chewbacca more than before without the hut?
I think that the hut is necessary for old Chewbacca to get out of the summer heat, rain and strong wind in winter.
In addition, it is a lot of fun to see that Chewbacca sometimes climbs the hut, sometimes comes through it, and sometimes rubs his back against it.

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