Chewbacca on November 5th

I worked a lot as a model today.
Since I was standing on the stage for a long time, I was tired.
I was sometimes troubled by sleep during work.

The visitors were so delighted since I posed for the cameras again and again.
I think that I have a calling to a model.

I watched the visitors and the visiors watched me.
The visitors gathered together when I watched the glass.


As soon as I stepped on the stage, I began to work as a model.




From the other side

Oh, no! I feel sleepy.

I went and checked on my room in order to change my mood.

I worked as a model in front of my room, too.


I checked on my room again, and then


I headed to the old stage.

I posed on the old stage.
I used to step on it before the new stage appeared near the glass.

I came back to the stage as usual and began to work again.
I posed for 25minutes, sometimes changing my position.
I bet I was very popular among the visitors.

around 14:25-14:50




I got drowsy.
I wonder if this is also my pose?

I gathered myself up and posed again because I was a model.

around 14.35



From the other side



From the other side

around 14:40-






Yawning pose?!

After I took a little rest, I played with the log.


Though I started work again, I yawned and yawned.
Maybe I got tired since I worked a lot today.

around 15:20





My work as a model is over.

I sensed the keeper was approaching, and so I hurried to the fence.
I bit and bit the fence excitedly.


I knew that the keeper moved to my room, and so I hurried to my room.

Since the keeper didn't open the door of my room at once,
I performed my own version of "Open Sesame".

The door was opening and I was going home.


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