Chewbacca's Birthmonth

Chewbacca will become (or became) nineteen years old in March,2004.

I'm very happy to see 19-year-old Chewbacca.

He is very active in spite of his old age and he butts a log quite often.
As a result, he has had an injury (hair loss) on his head since this January.

It is more than welcome that you are so fine,Chewbacca.
However, please don't hurt your "good looks" any more.

Good morning ! Sorry, I have sleepy eyes.

To dear Chewbacca

I present you three sweet potatoes
in the carrot-basket made of 16 carrots.
There are 19 sweet potatoes and carrots in all
as you are nineteen years old.


On the 13th March
9:50 a.m.

He seems to have eaten most of his breakfast
He is still looking for food.

I feel thirsty this morning

He drank water three times in the morning.
I am worried about him because the water he drank doesn't look clean.

The first time (about 10:15)
He has been drinking water for five minutes.

The second time (about 11:00)

The third time (about 11:30)


After drinking, he stopped for a while.

On the "Stage"

I wonder why Chewbacca is interested in this handle.

I'll show you my trick of biting or chewing
this handle.

Can you say that it is a trick?
I'm biting the handle with my left hand
holding it.
Zooming again

Chewbacca is biting(or chewing)hard.

Chewbacca, you seem to have
wider hair loss......

I've had enough!
I got tired of biting.
Oh, I found something good.
I have to put it back.
Do you have a good word for me?
So far today.

Grooming as usual


What am I doing?
I'm scratching my behind.


"Please feed me" or "Please play with me"

Wallabies' breakfast time has come, when Chewbacca has already eaten
most of his food.

As soon as Chewbacca noticed the keeper in the wallabies' enclosure,
He ran up to the fence between Chewbacca's and wallabies'.
He climbed up the fence and he seemed to say to the keeper, "I'm here!"

I wish Chewbacca could have more grass........


Chewbacca opening his eyes and closing his eyes




Chewbacca who is "half lying on his back"
It's very rare for him to sleep like this.
He has kept this position for ten minutes or so.

Funny hands(forefeet)!

Suddenly he began to scratch.


Fast asleep?

12:10 p.m.

*Can you hear the music,"Happy birthday to you!" on this page?


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