Chewbacca's Diary

Saturday, October 16, 2004

More people visited me than usual.
It's also important to remember that I acted strangely today.
Some were really worried about me, on the other hand,
some seemed to think that it's just my performace.

It is said that it was about half an hour after I got up in the afternoon
that I acted so strangely.
Suddenly I stumbled around and started to run, it looked as if I was disoriented.
I don't know why I acted like that.
I wonder if I had something bad on the ground?

I suppose I'm okay because I acted strangely only for five minutes or so
and I was not out of the way after that.
I attcked the log harder than usual, though.

Some people who were looking at me said that
Chewbacca should not attack the log so hard as he is very old.

I'm still sleeping

A little before two o'clock in the afternoon

After he got up.....

Grooming, thinking and peeking



Do you see a small view window here? I'm looking out through it.

I'm musing a bit

Struggling with the log

Chewbacca attacked the log extremely hard this day.





I got tired

I was really tired because I attacked the log for more than thirty minutes
without taking a rest.

He began to show fatigue




He was tired from tip to toe




Moved here

What am I doing here?

Here's my 'Teddy Bear' behind the big stone.

Chewbacca sometimes moved the log, sometimes lay down folding the log,
and he finally went to sleep.
He was here for more than an hour till just before the closing time of the zoo.

Thanks for coming and asking me today


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