Chewbacca's Diary

Friday, October 1, 2004

I slept a lot, I thought a lot, I peeked a lot, I ate a lot,
I bit a lot, and I posed a lot today.

The door of my house didn't open at a quarter to five
though the closing time of the zoo was coming near.
My keeper might have been busy today.

Sleeping Chewbacca

Thinking Chewbacca



Peeking Chewbacca






Chewbacca who is behind the glass wall

As I walked along the glass wall, people saw only my ear and behind for a while.
It seemed that they would like to see my face, so I glanced up a few times.

Would you like to see my face?


Eating Chewbacca

I ate a lot of native grass.




The native grass in my enclosure is not so bad.

Biting Chewbacca




I went up to the stage from here.

Posing Chewbacca

I gave a good performance as many visitors came to see me today.



My dinner hasn't been prepared yet?

I checked on the inside of the door again and again.


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