Chewbacca's Diary

Saturday, October 23, 2004

I yawned many times as I got up earlier than usual this afternoon.
The person who has been worried about me seemed to feel relieved because
I didn't act strangely at all today.

I was caught up in a twig with some leaves today.
The visitors enjoyed seeing me pose on the big stone,
on the stump, and on the stage.

When I approached the glass and gazed up at the visitors,
they said, "He is cute".
I'm used to being called cute, though.

It was a little cloudy and I didn't photograph very well today.

Grooming earnestly




Found something good

You see, I found something good.

(Chewbacca might gnaw off the twig as he sometimes bit
the branch of this tree.)
He moved the twig.
I wonder if it could be edible......
This part of the twig looks hard to chew, but looks good.
With a twig in his mouth
Waving a twig in the air

He got tired as he was absorbed in playing with a twig.
He took a little rest.
Excuse me, I suddenly feel itchy.
I feel itchy here, too.
Were you watching me all the time?


Very little native grass left

I'm eating native grass in my enclosure.


Various sorts of poses

In front of the fence

On the big stone


On something in the ground

On the stage

With the stump


Chewbacca who is casting his eyes up

See you!

I wonder if you were relieved to see that Chewbacca was fine?]


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