Chewbacca's Diary

Friday, October 29, 2004

Though today was not a holiday, some people visited me as soon as the zoo opened.
I wonder if I'm becoming more and more popular?
When they arrived, I was taking a nap in my hut after breakfast.

After getting up, I groomed myself carefully.
I yawned a lot today.

By the way, I had a good thing today.
That is, they fed me specially a little after breakfat!

More than an hour after I came out of the room, I found that the keeper was cleaning it.
I ran down to the door of my room and appealed to him for more food.

I bit and scratched the door hard.
It was worthwhile trying to do that, because some bits of food came out from the small view window.
I ate them in a minute.
They were so delicious that I asked for more, however, nothing more was offered.

I began to nod off at about eleven thirty and then went to sleep in the hole close to the glass.




Though Chewbacca opened his eyes.....

Chewbacca wants to get up, but is reluctant to.


Behind the leaves

Both right side and left side

Both with his rear foot and forefoot

Grooming in this way

At the big stone




After yawning

On his way to taking a walk




He was appealing for five minutes or so.

Some bits of food came out from the view window of the door.
(It was too small to know what it was, maybe some pieces of a sweet potato.)


I'm happy for you, Chewbacca! 

Eating grass again



What Chewbacca was peeking at was...


The keeper took a wallaby and put him(or her) in the enclosure next door to Chewbacca's.

Chewbacca is about to sleep

He changed his posision several times and......

He went to sleep at about eleven thirty.

Chewbacca, a crow is eating your grass in your hut.
Please be careful not to be attacked while you are sleeping.


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