Chewbacca's Diary

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Cosmos blossomed in the garden of the Tama Zoo.
I was sleeping in the deep hole till around two o'clock today.

After getting up, I was appreciated by the visitors because I posed again and again.
They said with delight, "Chewbacca poses for our cameras!"

As it rained for days, around the log was puddled.
When I saw the log like that, I didn't play with it.

The place where Chewbacca was sleeping today.....

was the deep hole at the edge of the glass.

 Can you see my ears?

 Changed position.

Slept for a while keeping this position

I'm still sleepy.....

Before going up to the stage


Hi, there. I'm about to go up on the stage.


Hello, again!


On the stage

By the suspended log



Peered down to the puddle

I didn't play with the log as it was in the puddle.

On the stone



On something like a wall in the ground

This thing has been below ground till lately, however, it emerged
as I dug and dug and dug the ground!

The shape of the upper part of it looks like a log..
It is said that it is one of the barriers which was dug into the ground
because I might dig my way out of the enclosure.
You know I'm a master at digging.

I feel as if I were on the balance beam. You see I'm keeping my balance well.




I dug the soil on the upper part.

I almost slipped from the "balance beam"when I dug.

Would you like to see my back?

I dug this hole before.
You see it is as big as myself.
I'll dig again though it is the proper size for me to sleep in.

See you!

I glanced at you through the glass.


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