New Year's Chewbacca -- part II--

Chewbacca's adventure on the snow

I'm digging snow.
The pool was frozen though Chewbacca came to drink water.

(The rain water has been pooled in the hole at the root of the big oak tree and Chewbacca sometimes drank it.)
I came up to here.

I feel like going up this big stone
He came here without any problem, but....
It's not easy for me to walk on the snow because of slippery.

( He came close to the glass. He really seemed to be puzzled by thick snow then.)
What shall I do?

(I would like to help you in your pen, though....)
I wonder if I'll try to go ahead with courage?

(He turned around and walked along the glass.
When he came up to here, he stopped and thought.
He seemed to chicken out.)

I would like to go back to my hut because my feet got cold.....

(He often paces up and down the "stone bridge" when there's no snow, however, he seemed to be afraid of going down, maybe because of snow.

I shouldn't have come across the trench......

(He turned around again and walked about for five minutes or so.He seemed to look for the way to his hut.)

I'm still afraid.....

(He came backe to the "stone bridge", but he stopped and then stepped back. Is Chewbacca cautious or chicken-hearted?
I made up my mind!.
Now I'll go because my feet are very cold.

( He came here three times but hesitated to make his way. He finally got through to the hut on the fourth time.
You are quick to make decisions on the fourth time, Chewbacca.)

Easy as pie!
Why did I think twice about crossing it?
I was relieved to reach the hut safely!
I suddenly felt hungry.

(After he back to the hut, he ate hay very quickly.)

The sixth breakfast

More walking after breakfast

 He came to the door to see how things go around here and listend to.... 

Then he moved to the trench and had a dig or two
with his left hand.

Which way to go, Chewbacca?

He thought a little and went down to the door.


My keeper, you are in my room, aren't you?

I got restless because I had a feeling that my keeper came near my house.
I figured that he began to clean my room.....


(The keeper was cleaning the Wallabies' pen which is beyond his house.
Judging from his behaviour, he might have listened to the keeper's footsteps.)

The seventh breakfast

First, he ate hay dropped from the hut a little while ago.

Then he went into the hut and ate more hay.

I ate a lot, didin't I?

Is he eating?

After posing, he ate his hut?!
After biting the hut, he came out of it.

Went down to the house again

After peeking through the "view window".......

Ate snow!


Suddenly he went to sleep

(Chewbacca, it's cold for you to sleep on the snow.)

Got up at once and ate snow again


Went back to the hut and ate hay a little.....

(You look sleepy, Chewbacca.) 

Fell into a deep sleep
11:40 a.m.

Chewbacca, you were active, today.

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