New Year's Chewbacca -- part I--

I visited Chewbacca to say "Happy New Year!"on January 2nd in 2005.
We had snow on New Year's Eve in Tokyo.
Snow still lay thick on the ground in his enclosure.
Snow depth was 10cm at the deepest part in it.
Feeling temperature was 7-8C after ten o'clock and the snow began to melt.
Though he sometimes seemed to look perplexed in the snow, he had a good appetite

Snowy landscape in Chewbacca's enclosure

10cm fall of snow on 'his stage'

Chewbacca was eating hay when I arrived
9:45 a.m.


I wonder if I'll go for a walk......

After peeking through the fence, Chewbacca passed by his hut and then rubbed his back against it.

Returned the hut and ate hay again



Suddenly got sleepy

-- Chewbacca, it's too early to sleep. It's ten o'clock.....--

Ten minutes later, he woke up.
(Thank goodness!)

The third time breakfast


He scratched an itch eating.


Taking a walk again

He came out of the hut and came along the snow slowly.
He went back to the hut though he peered down the trench for a little while.

(It's too cold for you to be on the snow, isn't it?)

The fourth time breakfast


Stopped eating and thought



The third time walking
Which way to go?

After coming out of his hut, he stopped, keeping his left forefoot from the ground
for one or two minutes and started to walk again.

Wondering Chewbacca


He was thinking on the snow for five minutes or so and then he went back to the hut.

The fifth breakfast


Toward the trench again

He seemed to be tempted to go down the trench. He was peering down it for a while.....

Decided to go down!

He croseed over the trench.

Chewbacca's feet were clean

The sole and the claws of his feet were clean and pink-tinted.
Maybe he walked and walked in the snow for these days.
It was more apparent to the naked eye.

Can you see the sole of his left rear foot was pinkish?

You see my claws are clean.

After walking in the soil, his sole became soil color.




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