Chewbacca Turns 20!

More than six years have passed since I saw Chewbacca for the first time,
when he was more than thirteen years old.
I'm very happy to see 20-year-old Chewbacca this year.

(It is said that the average life span of a common wombat in captivity is fifteen years old.)

Happy 20th birthday, Chewbacca!

I presented Chewbacca a sweet potato birthday cake which is his great favorite.
His 'stage' served as a table today.

twenty carrot candles

A nice helmet was presented to Chewbacca by the Wombies!

They told Chewbacca to wear it when he butts the swinging log
to protect his head from further hair loss.

Thank you, the Wombies!

His half-healed hair loss, and two small new hair loss areas

Chewbacca who was taking a nap around two o'clock in the afternoon

Found a new container filled with water.

I guess Chewbacca put the stump in it on his way to moving it.
I wonder if the keepers decided to give him water in the container?

He seems to become curious about it.

He was biting and moving the container.

Taking a nap


Digging time

You dug very hard today, didn't you, Chewbacca?

I couldn't see his face most of the time of his digging as he was digging at glass wall.
However, he sometimes stopped digging and posed.

Your good-looking face is packed with mud, isn't it?


Between digging




Great approach





Chewbacca's usual doing


Biting the door

What happened to Chewbacca?

His new burrow

He came here and began to dig again.

The ground over his head fell down.
Maybe he knocked his head against the ground while digging.

After he threw off the soil on his head, he leaned against the burrow like this.

Then he climbed and got out of the burrow.

After a while, he came here two or three times and looked at the burrow for a while.

I wonder if he was curious about why his burrow fell down?

Chewbacca posing for a photograph

Balancing himself on the log?




Around his left eye is still muddy.

Chewbacca appeared on the stage
About four o'clock

Thank you for celebrating my 20th birthday!



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