Chewbacca in the middle of April

In the afternoon, Apr.14, 2005

Two new things appeared in Chewbacca's enclosure during these three weeks.
One is a sort of a swinging ball (or a large fishing float).
The other is a sort of table or platform which is made of wood.


The same new table as Chewbacca's was placed in the wallabies' pen, too,
and there was some food on it for them.
Turning your eyes to Chewbacca, it seemd to be perfect hiding place for him.
He was sleeping under the table when I arrived.

I hope he had a good place to protect himself from the heat wave in summer
though you can hardly see him when he is under it.
It could be an alternative to the burrow for him.

I'm happy for you, Chewbacca, however,
please come out of it when it's not so hot.

I'm absent?!

Chewbacca has been sleeping for more than thirty minutes from a little before two o'clock.

I couldn't see him from the front glass, but could see from the side glass.

Chewbacca & the thing like a ball

Something unfamiliar came to my enclosure recently.
What's wrong with me is that biting is difficult since it slips.
There's no problem for head-butting, though.

I wonder if they changed the swinging log with the swinging ball
because the ball seemed to be better than the log for me
to avoid further hair loss even though I head-butt.


The swinging log came down to the ground





The other log was treated like Chewbacca's Teddy Bear as usual

He sometimes opened his eyes and sometimes closed them.


Played with the stump

The stump was in the water dish today, too.




How did Chewbacca react to the new table?

Approached and looked at it.

He moved into the table, and was under it for a while.(He didn't sleep.)

What Chewbacca did was.....

He was coming near the table.

He came close to going up onto the table ( or maybe new stage)....

Unfortunately he didn't go up it, but only put his 'hand' on.

Isn't it time to open the door?

See you, Chewbacca

I thought I heard the footsteps.....

That's to be expected. Here comes my keeper!

Hurry up and open the door!

After the door opened slightly, I opened it by myself.

See you.
4:40 p.m.

I could see Chewbacca go home after a long time.


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