Chewbacca at the beginning of May

On May 3rd, which is in the middle of successive holidays in May in Japan,
the opening hours of the Tama Zoo was extended for two hours.

Chewbacca tended to move slowly, however, he went on the "new stage" twice
as if he fulfilled expectations of the visitors.

He tried to go back to his house at about four
since he didn't know that he had to do extra work that day.

(Chewbacca goes home a little after four at the earliest. I wonder if he knew the time?)

Hi. It's me, Chewbacca.

The distance between Chewbacca and the visitors was about 50cm, through the glass, though.
Chewbacca was giving many visitors a salute?!

Chewbacca who was sleeping like a log

Chewbacca wasn't sleeping under the platform, but was sleeping in the hole
at the glass wall at 1:40 in the afternoon.

Changed his position after an hour.

The new stage
- the first time, 3:00p.m.-

To go up onto the stage or not?

Raised the visitors' hopes.......
Went up onto the stage.
Chewbacca, you got a big hand, didn't you?
He looked shy.
It seems that Chewbacca looked at the humans.
Found a leaf and ate it up.
Hello, again.
All of you expected me to salute again, didin't you?
Changed his position and said "Hello" again.
I'll come here later.

Taking a walk in his pen




Looked in at the trench


What he usually does at the fence is peeking and thinking


On this stage

Ate a fallen leaf

At Chewbacca's favorite log



Grooming / After grooming

Chewbacca's stretching exercise


The new stage
-the second time, 5:00p.m.-

Sorry to have kept you waiting.

Chewbacca came to the stage again.
Came up onto the stage lightly
Came close to the glass.
What he did next was....

Stood up! (He kept standing for 5 or 6 seconds.)

Service-minded Chewbacca!

Chewbacca stood up in various places this day, however, I didn't expect him to stand at the glass.
Thank you for pleasing us, Chewbacca!

Do you have a great view, Chewbacca?

Excuse me, do I still have to wait?

16:00 : Chewbacca was trying to open the locked door.

18:10 : The door didn't seem to open at all.

Today's favorite one


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